Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Urban farm-life…

…that’s what we’re seeing in our little neighborhood lately. I think it all started with our next door neighbors, Chicker & Ophelia, the first “urban chickens” I’ve ever met. They were brought home as little fuzzy chicks and have grown into a couple of old hens – with personalities to match. I look forward to my stint as “chicken-sitter” to them. Kinda like being a “chicken whisperer”. Maybe I can write a book and go on tour and… ….

But in the mean time, as I walk the pups in the morning, I see and hear some amazing things! Like this morning when I walked past a yard with a really funny looking dog in an enclosure. OK, I wasn’t wearing my glasses, but it looked like a really funny looking dog, until it barked, or actually, “neighed” or “baaa-ed”. It was a little very cute pygmy goat- can you imagine!

As we continued our walk, I heard the now familiar sound of the Mourning doves – did I ever tell you I always thought they were “Morning!!!” doves, not –oh-so-sad “Mourning” doves. I guess it’s all in your perception, huh?

Speaking of “perception”, the other morning I heard a woodpecker LOUD and strong. I searched the high tree tops and the utility poles and finally spotted a very small bird making a very large noise. It looked waaay too small to be a woodpecker – but the only reference I have is Woody Woodpecker- who appears to be about 3’ 7” and about 130 lbs. Hmmmm…

And I won’t even go into the neighbors across the street who have rabbits, chickens and turkeys. Let me just say, they are NOT pets. Ewww. Enough said.

So enjoy your little piece of Urban living – no matter where you are and maybe we all can give a good spin to the term “Simple Life"….
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BonnieRose said...

thank u for such a warm comment on my blog today.. hugs... wow.. u do live in a dft neighborhood.. lol

Brandi said...

I love your neighborhood. I love the houses, I love the people, I love everything. For some reason, thinking about your neighborhood makes me homesick :(.