Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What I know for certain....

I just love that part of Oprah’s magazine – usually the very last page and she’s SO certain!

I USED to be that certain – about some things. Only to find out I changed my mind. (notice I didn’t say I was “wrong”)

So how certain is certain?
And, does “certain “change with time….
And then does it become “certain – part 2”

Take towels.
They are to be folded in half, long corner to long corner, then half again, then into thirds. Period. End of story. If someone helps me fold my towels and does it differently, I un-fold and re-fold- (without their knowledge of course).
I know, the “argument” is that folded the other way, one can just lay them across the towel bar and not have to un-fold and re-fold.
But I solved that one - had Randy put in pegs instead of a towel bar after the last renovation..

And toilet paper.
For YEARS I was BENT on it rolling from the bottom up. I was SO, if you’ll pardon the expression, anal, that I used to change it in public bathrooms.

Oh, yes I did.
For years.
Then I moved into my little house and it had this neat-o built-in toilet paper holder! Well, isn’t that cute.
The first roll I put on with the roll rolling from the bottom up didn’t work too well. Kept breaking after 2 sheets. Don’t you HATE that in restrooms? Who uses just 2 sheets? Ewwwwwe…..

Anyhow, I finally, absolutely grudgingly, changed it to roll from the top over.

It took a while and some deep therapy, but I finally accepted it as the “downfall” of older homes.
So, yesterday, I got home only to see the WHOLE roll had un-rolled into a huge pile of paper just below the roll –

So, at this point, the only thing I am “certain” of is ………

I’m not certain about anything.

Little know fact: Used furniture folks always look “wear & tear” at the left side of a sofa – know why?
The majority of people sit on the left side of their sofa!

Do you??

Have a great day and try not to hurt your brain thinking too hard – take it from me- it gives you a head-ache!
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Brandi said...

How funny! I HAVE to have the TP roll over. It drives me nutzo when it is under. And because of you, I fold my towels like you do! It just looks neater when folded and stored. And the left side of the sofa? Never heard of that! I tend to sit on the right side of ours :).
Love you mom!

Johnny said...

I sit on the left side all the time. Dont' know why, but that is where you'll usually find me. And now I know why Brandi does the towels that way.

April said...

I fold my towels that way too and it makes me crazy when Chris folds them the WRONG way. Yes, my way is the right way and you want to know why? No, it is not because I am always right its because when the towels are folded that way, they fit better on the shelves of my linen closet so the bi-fold door closes all the way and stays closed. When he folds them "his" way, they hang over the shelf more so the door doesn't close all the way and ALWAYS comes open. Now when I walk up my stairs and see the linen closet door not closed, I KNOW he has folded a towel!! So there!!