Thursday, August 30, 2007

40 years ago today....

...I got married.

At 17.

Starter marriage.

Can you even imagine? But, I thought it was what I was supposed to do.

Back then (I can't believe I just said that ! ) but back then, it was my dream to "get married, have kids, be a Mom, and live happily-ever-after."

And... I was raised Catholic. Which is not a bad thing mind you, however, I wanted to

So I got married.

Boy, I can't imagine my granddaughter, now on her way to being 17 in March, getting married.

But, there was no stopping me. My sisters tried. Daddy tried. But I was head-strong, listening to the Carpenter's sing "We've only just begun...White Lace & Promises" and I wanted that.

Happy ever after. "white lace & promises.."

It wasn't.

Wasn't white lace - it was ecru. Bought off the rack. At Sears!

And it wasn't promises kept.

And it wasn't happy ever after.

But, it contributed to who I am today.

Stronger. Smarter.
Much smarter. Mom to 4. A good person.

And...funny..."what doesn't kill ya...makes ya funny!!"

And, finally, Happy...happily ever after.

Now, we're planning another wedding. For my son. Who is older than 17. 33 to be exact. She is 27. I think they may have a good shot of "happily ever after." They know what that looks like. Both her parents and Randy & I are...happily ever after.

So listen to the Carpenters, remember what make us stronger. Funnier. And, celebrate who you have become.

I know I am. (can you believe that hair??? )
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Donna Boucher said...

Look at you! Very Pricilla Presly (sp)!!!

You are do funny and honest!

I adore you picture holding the frame!!!

Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself....and leaving such a sweet comment!

Now I can come and get to know you!

Donna Boucher said...

"so funny and honest"...

Typing is not one of my skillz.

Kristina Werner said...

I LOVE the hair! So great!

Brandi said...

Wow, I NEVER knew what your first wedding date was. THANK GOD that marriage didn't last, because dad wouldn't be in our lives (and he is THE BEST dad in the world). Thank God! And you are right, you are a stronger person today because of your past. If you had stayed in that miserable "starter" marriage, then our whole lives would be completely different today. And I love my life, I wouldn't want it any other way :).

April said...

It may not have been the way you invisoned it 40 years ago but you did achieve your "back then" dream - to "get married, have kids, be a Mom, and live happily-ever-after."

Lisa said...

That story sound familiar! Yep, that's my "MO" Also! And in my book, it does make us funnier! Thats what saves us! I also found the love of my life the second time around! And I am glad to say he found me too! Please keep visitng, you are wonderful! Lisa :)