Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Yep, Ireland. In 2012.

I’m going to Ireland.

That’s five years. Should be able to save that much by then.

As I was reminded by a good blogger-friend, Bonnie-Rose, one must have a goal in mind to strive toward.

To try to reach your goal willy-nilly is silly.... (or stupid,.. but silly “went” with willy-nilly better)

We all know that – it’s the doing that I have always had troubles with.

Why is it we often know what best for us and what’ll make us feel better, but we just don’t do it?

Like, when you have the flu or a bad cold. You KNOW you’ll feel better if you shower, brush your teeth, put on comfy jammies, toasty socks, and lay down in bed.

Not look crummy, feel crummy and watch TV on the uncomfortable couch all day and feel sorry for yourself – but do we do that?


Well, maybe you do, but I don’t.

Not all the time anyway. I just whine and moan and feel crummy. And uncomfortable. And I don’t really sleep. And I really NEED to sleep.

So, anyway, I am going to Ireland in 5 years. I will make a “dream board” with all I can find on Ireland: beautiful photos, bed & breakfasts, smiling Irish faces, and, of course, the costs.

I once heard someone say to try to reach your goal without some sort of direction is like having a pilot fly you to your destination without maps or instruments, because, hey , he’s been there before… …

I'd rather him use a map. I 'd rather have a map, too.

HEY, I could put a map of Ireland on my board...

So, map out your dreams. Place them in front of you where you can see them on a daily basis.

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Brandi said...

I so despertely want to move to Ireland and raise Ella there. When Johnny and I went in 2002, I fell in love with Ireland, and everything about it. Why do you think my daughter's middle name is Ireland ;)

Donna Boucher said...

You can do it!!!
I think I will start planning out next trip. We took out graduate to Paris, Florence and Rome this Spring. It was wonderful!!!
I have promised my seven year old..Paris in ten years....
But hubby and I would love to go to New York.

I have to start planning that one!

April said...

The money part is always the hardest. Here are some ideas to start saving for your trip:
1. Make a chart to hang on your board that shows your starting point a $0 and has your target amount at the top like they do for fundraisers. Then each time you make a deposit, it will be fun to color in your $ to the next line and you will have a visual reminder each day of getting closer to your goal.
2. Open a savings account at an on-line back. Its easy to deposit money into but harder to take out so you won't be as tempted.
3. Make a list and carry it with you of things you frequently spend money on and list an equivalent item you could purchase in Ireland. For example, a Starbucks coffee might be equal to a liter of Guiness or 4 cups of tea. A new outfit may be equal to one day of car rental. That may help you say no to items that can eat your money quickly little by little and help you save more money faster. Also, be sure to save enough money to take me with you!!