Monday, October 31, 2011

World's First LIVING Brain Donor

Yep..this is the face of a donor..

..and when they said "organ donation?"..I said "sure!"

however, I was thinking more like...

..and not so much like...

..but, oh well..

we had a blast at work.. some of had more fun than others...

..and for someone for whom Halloween is not a favorite holiday..

I've had some kind of fun :-}

I hope you all have had a safe, fun and memorable Halloween..

{spoiler alert: when I get photos of the grand-girlies and Kathy's pups..they'll be posted here }

Sweet dreams..


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lookie what I made ..Witch's Clothes line..

Found this on Pinterest - great pattern..easypeasy..

It's in my "Holiday Ideas"

Have fun!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Our week-end..

..made felt flowers...

..looked up the Weight Watcher's points for Tootsie Pops...ONE! {per pop..}

..but..some of us were bored....

...and some of us napped

..bought the cutest ceramic mug/cup ever... was your week-end?

Hope you have a fabulous week and remember...

"It's almost fRiDaY!!


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Yeppers..29 years..consecutively!!

Today is our 29th anniversary. 

 29 years ago today, we stood in the October winds in Amarillo Texas, at a park at the Baptist Hospital... and we told the world that it could be done... 

 That one could find love even after:

one bad {or starter } marriage each..

4 -  count 'em f.o.u.r kids from one said starter marriage..

2 fathers who probably thought this was a folly..{later to be proven wrong..and willing to admit it}..

no money to speak of...

5 years difference in age {me..I was older...note the word was...he's now older than me..}

no real plan..

but tonzzz of respect, love and a genuine "awe-ness" of each other..

29 years later..we are still in awe..

Love you Mr. B


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kind of a slow, quiet week-end...

..and that's the kind I like. 

Dog walking, Zumba, a couple of meals out, some shopping and a little crafting..

One of my co-workers made a cute headband the other day so I thought I'd try..easy peasy..

..then there was the beautiful mountain..OK... OK..I'll admit it belongs to us all...but I really love it I'd like to think it's all mine..

Then there is the favorite thing that I a box..from my daughter..

...apparently, Ella wrote it a while back and it never got they put it in the box, probably as a second thought..little do they know it is a masterpiece to me and will be treasured always...

I'm going to make this into an embroidery pattern!
..and I love that she made me thin...and in a skirt..

..notice her crown..or does it say "me"? ....Nah..I like the crown..

grandkiddos..aren't they wonderful??


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Warning: serious post..with graphic photos..I'm just sayin'...

Breast Cancer that's over with.  Yes, this is "the" month to think about see a lot of pink..

to try to remember to set up that appointment..

to try to NOT think about it..

..but you know what?  We need to think about it..all. the. time.

I had a mother with breast cancer. She had a mastectomy of one breast. No chemo. No radiation. Just "slice & dice" and go on your merry way..

She spoke so rarely of it that it was years later we found out our Grandmother also had breast cancer {she has passed prior to my birth, so I never got to know her}

But, doesn't it seem odd that that would not be spoken of ? 

And yes, I have had my go round as well. 

And I make jokes.  And I dye my hair pink.  And I remind Mr. B how much money we save by not buying bras...and I am all sorts of goofy...

Then,  just after getting the gene test {$$$} to see if it "runs in the family" and we were told we "do not have the errant gene.." sister, Gerri was diagnosed with it.  Lumpectomy. Radiation. Gratefully, no chemo..

It is no laughing matter.
And it needs to be thought about and acted on every day of the year. 

You see, I was told  my mammogram was good.  The lump I was feeling in my armpit was probably a cyst..definitely not cancer..wait 6 months to see if it grows..

Nope. I'd rather not, please.  Find out  They did and it was.  I insisted and I am alive.

But I am not a hero. I survived. I followed the regime and I prayed and I had more support and love and belief than one can imagine..but I was not the hero.

And most of that year.. I didn't laugh. Sometimes I still do not laugh. Sometimes I still feel "less than.."

And I am not a was simply not my time.  "They" were not ready for me yet. So many others have lost their battle and so many others were smarter, braver, stronger and more "important" to the world..the real heroes.. their contributions so much more meaningful than what I had to give..

I am not feeling sorry for myself.nor am I fishing for comments...just trying to be honest..and show you how important it is to know yourself..know your body..

I can't answer "why" I survived and  I don't  know what my "purpose" is..I didn't  try any harder or have any more "grace of God" than the ones who's cancer took their very lives from them and their families..

I was scared..I was lost..and I was unsure of anything for more than one day at a time.

I was not brave. I was not strong.

...I was a weak as anyone would be and any bravery came from Mr. B, who never let on that he thought of any other possible outcome than my complete recovery..even though, just now, 15 years later, did he tell me he was as scared and lost and fearful as I was...I just did what he told me and I believed what he told me to believe...and he told me to listen to that still small voice..he told me I'd survive and I did.

But,  the question of "why me?" did come...but not in the way you may think.. why was I left to live..why not me that passed from this world? Why did the others have to suffer so much and I pretty much sailed through it..why why why...

And....I'm really not certain why I  feel I need to post this..except that there are many faces of breast cancer..the face we show the world...and the face we see only in the mirror..not wanting anyone to see the scars..the is not funny.  

It is not of the flippant remarks that I sometimes make.. was not "the best  thing that ever happened to me" was hurt.  Everything hurt...the chemo hurt, the needle pokes, the catheter in my chest..the missing breasts... the "phantom pain" was real..and my bald head hurt...cancer sucks.

Just try to make those long distance phone calls to your kids..hear them cry..the sisters who love you and your big hear fear in their voices..cancer sucks.

So, here it is.  Here's the "face" of my breast cancer..the fate of many..and I am one of the ones who lived..

I am not brave.  I am no hero. But I do have a voice.

Please, please trust in your instincts. Question everything and everyone.  Pay attention. Educate your daughters and your Mothers and yourself.  Talk to your husbands or significant others..Get second opinions ..and third ones.

And look at these photos..this is the face of breast cancer...

I am not a hero.  I am not brave.  I was not strong..

....however, I am getting stronger.


This was a gift from my daughter-in-law..Rachael :-)

She made this..for me..and I wear it with pride..

...Isn't it beautiful ??
Thank you Rachael ..


PS..yes, it is very important to get your mammograms....but please don't rely solely on you self-exams..and trust your instincts..

If I had relied on the mammogram rereading ..and listened to the doctors instead of my guardian Angels, I  would. not. be. alive. today. Seriously...

Monday, October 10, 2011

Things you may want to ask before.....

..getting your hair dyed pink...uh... fuchsia....

1.  Just what is your hairdresser's description of "pink"?  Cotton candy?  That color right next to purple..only redder?  And ..neon??

2.  How long will it last? HOW many shampoos????

3. Will I have anything in my closet I can wear that will not clash with pink/ fuchsia hair?{nope}

4. If the above answer is "no" I purchase a whole new wardrobe based on hair color? {}

5. Is Ringling Bros.- Barnum & Bailey in town?

6. How old am I?  really..???

7. Could I ever, ever-in-this-world-ever-even-remotely-ever-ever-be indeed be mistaken for Kary Perry in steroids, or Lady Gaga emphasis on the Gag.. or Bozo's older sister?

8. Am I willing to have pitiful, sad looks by complete strangers when walking down the street?

9. Am I willing to scare babies?

10. Am I willing to scare Mr. B???

11. Will it stain the linens, clothes, bathtub???

12. Will is scare the pups??

So..Mr. B, being the sweetie {re: fibber} that he is kept telling me he "sorta" liked it..he said it fit with my face {Wha?}  and that he really {sorta}..liked it..

However, he keeps, to this day, telling me he "liked" my I must question his taste somewhat..

Yesterday, after the Saturday functions, after  he went to go shopping,  I drove to Walgreen's and did this:

Still not the real me..but at least I don't clash with my existing wardrobe :-)

{ I always wanted to be that know, like the one in  the movie Twister? All artsy-crafty-odd-friendly-loving-odd-loving-odd-crazy-odd-fun-will-make-you-feel-at-home-odd?  Yeah..I think I may be getting closer..}


Saturday, October 8, 2011

so, what'd you do today?

It was an overcast and cool day..just perfect for the Making Strides for Breast Cancer walk with a "warm up" with Zumba..then off for a 2 hour "Zumba-thon"...

So, I think I have finally realized that I'm not  25 anymore..not even 39..or 44..and not even 56..

Actually ..I think I am feeling every minute of my 62 years..

My body doesn't "lift" legs do not arms do not circle like all the young women in Zumba.

And that's OK..really, it is.  The fact that I have a PhD in life. And they all are just in their freshman year..heehee..

Took a lot pf pictures at the walk...mostly of all the darling doggies dressed and walking for us..

And once again I am reminded of the  quote:  "I stand because you walked"

Thank you all..

And this is the Pièce de résistance...

The cuestet ever..both the girl and the pup!

Have a great Sunday..and do your self-exams!