Friday, February 29, 2008

OK, so this is probably not a chipper entry...

...but I feel most of you are with me for the good, the bad and the ugly, right? All I can say is it's a good thing they don't have "Live blogs" - you'd see me here in my jammies and no make-up with a frowny-face and blurry eyes...

I don't know if it's the realization that I'm out of a job and have to re-enter the workforce once again or the chaos of having the house in disarray.

Maybe it's that both of those issues are all mine - I was an OK housekeeper at best, teetering on good, but definately not great. Things got dusty and no matter how I put a spin on it, dust is not a "protective coating" for furniture. And there is no better time to realize that as when you are trying to put back together a room and find all your things are heavy with dust.

And the job thing - well I'm a "long-timer" - stay with jobs for quite a while - usually - but the last few years have been rough. And as I am getting older I find I cannot do some of the things that once came easily to me - like staying awake past PM - or lifting, serving, standing for long periods..yadda, yadda, yadda.

Waa, waa...someone call me a "waaaambulance".

Ok, good, I'm better now.

The curtains came! Had to wash them and iron them to be able to correctly cut to hem them, but I can't wait! I wish there were more than 24 hours in a day - that way I could get more done..

(why on earth is she smiling???......She must be high on something...probably cleaning-product fumes...)

Mr. B suggested that instead of just placing things on the long shelf like I had, to place them in vignettes - a word I didn't even know he knew - but he was right. I made these do they look?

Still have empty walls to fill with fun pictures of family "then & now"..

And we still need to make the corner end-table-bookcase-thingy that's in Mr. B's head - kinda hard to help when I can't see in there..notice I said "we still need to make..."? Mr. B always says, "you said "we" you have a mouse in your pocket??"

Anyway, I'm going to take my grumpy, pitty-party self to bed. I know the morning will brighter.....

well, duh..of course, it won't be "night" anymore, silly!



Thursday, February 28, 2008

My very first grandchild will be 21.....

...not months old, but YEARS old.......

I am in shock. Where was I the past 21 years? I know we saw him many many times.

I know he stayed with Grammie & Grandpa on several occasions.

Then when did he have time to grow into a 6 foot tall, handsome, smart, courteous guy??

He and his girlfriend, Tessa, went to see my youngest daughter (and New York City) in January.

They had a great time as you can see in the photo collage...but look closer. I think he's got quite an eye for photography.

(by the way...the forks are from an Art Museum...I have done the same thing in my garbage disposal many times...and with spoons too! I am "multi-medium artist" I guess.....)

He's going to be a teacher, so to have an eye for art will certainly serve him well.

Anyway, I suppose it's just another Grandmother being proud of her grandson.

But he was my first and will always and forever remain so very special in my heart.

Enjoy this photo and I'll have pictures of the room soon. (the curtains arrived! )Now all I have to do is alter them to fit and hang some pictures and I "think" were done for a little while....oh, no.......Mr. B's got plans for a TV stand, another corner unit and an end table....he's like the Energizer Bunny....

More later..


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"On the sunny side of the street"...

Yesterday it was actually warm enough to go out in just shirtsleves...oh, and pants too, of course..

Beautiful weather and not snow at all, green grass showing, but that was just....

"On the sunny side of the street" as the old song goes.

Yep, the south side of the streets, yards, parking lots and fields are sunny, snow melted off and almost green.

But just cross the street on the north side or look into the front yard and you'll still see piles of snow...PILES...some parking lots that have shoved all the snow to one side might have 5 feet of the yucky, black-ish dirty stuff.

Ah, spring is almost here. But in between we have "mush" season. "Mushy" as the weather person called it. Mucky left-over leaves, trampled and flattened grass, you know, mushy stuff.

As we were walking yesterday, in shirtsleeves (and pants), we heard Mourning Doves (or Morning! doves as I like to call them..) and a few other, less famous birds singing. Sort of "American Idol for Birds".......I personally vote for the little chubby chickadee myself...

I saw what at first looked like Ramen noodles on the sidewalk ahead......upon closer inspection, we discovered the "Ramen noodles" were, in fact, earth worms!

Guess they felt the sunshine and decided to come up for a sunbath. Some were stretched out, some curled up, some kind of zig-zaggy. (some were squished, but we won't go into that..)

But all in all it was a good walk. Got home and expected to see curtains on the front porch, but, humbug, not there yet. Hopefully today.

In the meantime, I have plenty to do - the rest of the house looks like it's been ransacked - boxes of "stuff" and left-over furniture are everywhere still.

Good time to be between jobs, huh?!

Have a fun-filled spring day and don't step on those "Ramen noodles" on the sidewalks!


Monday, February 25, 2008

I totally wanted to say "TA-DA" and show you finished photos...

...but the curtains have not come in from Urban Outfitters..although I know they are close - the DHL tracking site said so.....

And I could show you some of the pictures...but that'd be the "TA" without the "-DA!" I show you a teensy sneak peek....

Stay tuned...the curtains should be measured, hemmed and hung very soon!



Sunday, February 24, 2008

There's something about Mary....I mean Kathleen Mary..

Yep. Kathy. My sister. My older sister...actually, my oldest sister...

( oh, I do so love saying that...)

She called today to let me know her group of "walkers" ( lady friends - not the walkers you see in Retirement centers...) came in first place in the Lake Havasu Health Walk Challenge...a relay race they have been training for.

A feat not so easy on the feet when your group is in the "Over 50" category...and they are just past a smidgen over 50...uh......some by a few years...others by more...however, we won't mention any names...

So it is with great admiration and respect that I bring you my sister, Kathleen Mary, my rock, my rock-star, my oldest sister...

I only hope that when I am her age ...(in many many many years)...I will be as vibrent, loving thoughtful and friendly as she is and has always been.

I have always looked up to her..(she is quite tall...and older than me...) and as she ages, she doesn't slow down. She's a mother, a grandmother, a wife, a sister, a walker, one of the "girls" and a friend.

She's funny, quick, crafty and kind. She loves to entertain and entertain she does, whether it's a meal cooked just for you or a gift she saw and bought just because she knew you'd love it.

She remembers birthdays, husbands (you know, like when she calls me she always asks how Mr. B is...not that she has had so many husbands that it would be a big thing to remember them all... what were YOU thinking???) your kid's spouses and your dog's names.

She loves to "lunch with the ladies" and has a black belt in garage sales. She's an Olympic shopper, holding that title in the Sullivan Sisters competition for years now. No one has ever seen her 'messy' or without just the perfect amount of make-up...I mean NO ONE...

She reccommends great movies and recipes and which stores are having a "going out of business" sale and has clothes in just YOUR size!!

In a nutshell, she's one great sister - and I think the whole world of her!

Kathy, you ROCK..

Love you tonzzzzz,

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Seriously...Can I write anymore about the remodel??

...Yeppers - when it's coming together as nicely as this one is...due heavily to the help from the newlyweds.
They can still bend, kneel, stretch, reach, twist & so much.

I used to brag about actually liking to paint...had Mr. B totally believing me...until I creaked, moaned, grunted, screeched and bellowed...and that was just getting up from the chair..
Imagine actually painting baseboards, crown molding and trim??

That's where the kids come in. I knew having a big ol boy would come in handy one day.

And to think he had the where-with-all to marry a wonderful girl who not only likes to paint (and still can) but is totally family oriented and wants to help...the fact that she is a perfectionist comes in handy, too, when I say "Oh, I think that'll do.." and she says, "No it won', let me help.."

YEAH for young lovers! Aren't they cute? (I know I promised not to put your pictures up, but,come on, how could I not??)

And speaking of's this one...Lulu inspecting her new throne..minus the pad which we are having made...I think the height is just perfect for her to watch all of her throngs of loyal admirers....

All Braxton wanted was for me to pick him up...and carry him the entire day..when this pitiful look didn't work and the funny mouth trick didn't work, he "took to his bed" as any mistreated gentleman would...

While watching the paint dry, which, by the way is as fun as it sounds.........tick....tick...tick..Mr. B and I decided to try to find some baskets for under the window seat and found these...

May need to get one more but Mr. B said something about a "return-air-vent-thingy" ...he didn't really say "thingy" but that's my technical term..and not "blocking air flow "or something..and the couch with the recliner foot-stool-thingy (see, another technical term) will cover it as well.. so we may not need the 6th one...

Mr. B painted the ceiling, which would have been a pain in the neck...hahahaha, I crack me up!!

And so it goes on Main Street this Saturday & Sunday..finishing up so the furniture can be delivered on Monday (yeah!)

So on this wonderful day in February, remember what my Daughter-in-law said to us when we tried to give them some money for helping....

"No...this is what families are all about..."

My son has very good taste....Oh, I'm getting all verklempt.....


Friday, February 22, 2008

When I was a kid....

...I remember wanting to jump off the high dive. So I climbed up the ladder, waited my turn, then....jumped...

About half-way down, I changed my mind. But obviously, I was too late in changing my mind. So, into the water I went. It wasn't terrible, but it wasn't as fun as I thought it would be.

Flash forward about 50 years (50?? Did I really say that??!!)...I was feeling comfortable in my little pond. But I thought it would be fun to jump into the big 'ol ocean again and swim with new fish.

Well, about 2 weeks in, I've regretted my decision to "jump". It's not all that fun. It's new water and shoes that just don't fit. You can try to stretch, but even if you squeeze in, you're never comfortable. You know your decision was too quick and you didn't investigate the waters enough.

So, today will be my last day at the "new job". For all of you that know me, you would know I am not an "A" -type personality. I was put into a job that was totally "A" personality-required. (by the way, it was not the job I had originally applied for and interviewed for..)

I am a jabber-wakie. It's hard for me to be quiet. To focus on numbers and lines and spreadsheets.

I want to have fun - talk to as many people as I can. Make them happy. Solve their issues with great customer service. I just need that interaction.

So, wish me luck as I try to go back to where I was..happy and satisfied. Feeling like I knew what I was talking about. TALKING, for Heaven's sake!

One thing nice about growing older is that you really get to know the person you are. What your needs are. Where you're the most happy.

And you're not afraid to confront the issue head-on - before you spend too much time regretting your decision.

So new employer, thanks for the opportunity to once again confirm what I am best at - where my strengths are. I'm sorry to leave you but I think it's only fair that you find someone who will LOVE that particular job!

Have a great Friday - I feel better already.


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lulu - the dog whisperer..I mean.. the whispering dog....

You read right. Lulu "whispers".....

Not all the time. But in the middle of the night or early morning hours when she's trying to get me up to take her out.

It starts out soft, almost inaudible........aaahhhhwwww.....aaahhhwwwww..

If this doesn't get me, she turns up the volume - but just a little..aaahhhwww...aaahhhwww...

It sounds breathy and low..hhhhhhwwwaaaahhh..a little louder each time..

If I'm really not hearing her,(or pretending not to..) she finally goes into "kissy-mode"....kissing me until I can't take another minute of it.

What a sweetheart...but a pain in the middle of the night that's for sure.

She's our girl alright. Strong willed, stubborn, determined and focused..

...and a real sweetie.
We are sooo lucky to have her in our lives. You keep whispering, Lulu, and I'll eventually get up & let you out!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

He went to wait...he went to Home Depot!!

I don't know if you know the Jared Jewelry store add where they are so excited about him "going to Jared"..but I have something sooo much better - back lighting on the shelf that goes the width of the room!

This will afford me so many options for decorating - picture frames leaning on the shelf, collectibles. treasures...oh I can't wait!

And here is the window seat/bookcase form a better perspective - it will be painted the Buttermilk.... against the Celery walls...

I'm thinking dark baskets with the fabric liners for the under seating.

The shelves will be adjustable except the ones that are in now- those are "supporting" shelves.

The seat cushion will raise the seating to almost level with the window...perfect for grandchildren! Actually, it will hold about 4 regular sized people ...or 2 my size...LOL..

I think every home built should have crown molding - it's like a frame on a picture...or hair on your looks as it has always been here...(not to "dis" bald men...and don't buy crown molding (hairpieces) for your heads - I think bald heads are very pretty...)

The furniture place called to say the delivery date has changed from Friday to Monday- which is OK - it gives us another week-end to feel "finished"...and I have a couple of pieces that I want to antique or distress that I think will look great in the room.

Then all we'll need to add is family & friends! Y'all drop by now, will ya??

Go out there and pursue your dreams today - even if it's just day-dreaming!


Monday, February 18, 2008

Aiyie, yie yie........

....I'm starting to feel a little teeny bit claustrophobic - no room for much of anything.

We have a small home to begin with and even though we took all the front room furniture except the buffet to the Desseret Industries (DI) , between the books, pictures, art work and just STUFF, there's not much room for people or pups!

Speaking of pups, Braxton found he likes it just fine between the sheets of drop cloths on the floor....

And Lulu is not shy about telling us what she thinks of "foofoo-thingies" in her hair....

(how does one spell thtbbhththtbthth...?)

We will have a 4" to 5" padded seat on the window seat and I "think" maybe these curtains (?)

( I am a firm believer that every room needs a splash of red..) What do you think?

They're from Urban Outfitters and I spotted them on someone's blog (sorry- I can't give credit - I forgot who's I saw them on..) The ad said they are on a "cream" background which I think will go nicely with all the "Buttermilk"...

Maybe some red throw pillows on the new couch - it's a light tan micro-fiber and the rocker/recliner is sage green...Celery & Buttermilk's sort of coming together in my mind....

The TV will be on this wall, decorations on the shelf..and I think my "found green screen door" to the left of the TV...

This is the beginning of the window seat with the 2 bookshelves on the side- this too will be the Buttermilk color and the insides of the shelves will be the Celery color like the walls.

Not a really great photo of the window seat/bookcase combo- after the shelves are in and the crown molding is finished, you'll be able to see what a magnificent piece this is. I think the house could be blown away and that until will still stand. Mr. B makes thing to last...notice I'll have sort of corner shelves on this side and regular straight shelves on the far side...

Anyway, enough of this to bore you for one night. Have a wonderful Tuesday and remember, it's almost FRIDAY!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tools of the trade...

Daddy was a carpenter, so I know of a few tools.
Not too many - he really never showed us "girls" too much about tools.

Still in that 50's time warp where girls do girl stuff and boys learn about.... tools...and cars...and finances...and...apparently, a lot of swear words. (...but just when things don't go completely perfectly, which, when you're working with wood, seems to be a lot....)

Here are a few of the tools Mr. B has been using these past few days...

I'd show you a picture of caulk, because it seems caulk is a major ingredient in all of home repairs, but we seem to be out...again...which probably accounts for yet another trip to the hardware store...

Love those flat, fat pencils! I just figured out the reason they're flat, I think, is so the don't roll off stuff? Maybe...

I always thought they were made sort of ugly so we girls didn't take them all the time..

Ever notice they don't have erasers? If that's not positive thinking......

I'm surprised both of the levels have the bubble in the center - not that Mr. B's work is not level, but in an older home, nothing is plumb, level or square...

Lulu enjoyed the sunshine while it lasted did Braxton, but I really think he would have preferred a sweater..

Lulu is such a sweetie - I love this "divot" on her forehead - it's just perfect for stealing kisses - and she's so soft and smooth there....

And so...while some people worked......

...some people played........

But all chipped in to get to this "sneak peek" (now remember, the bead board and the shelf will be "Buttermilk" then antiqued...)

Mr. B has almost completed the window seat and the adjoining bookshelves...maybe we can get some color up tomorrow. Then it will really seem as if it's coming together!

Have a fun President's Day and do whatever you're supposed to do on President's Day...


Saturday, February 16, 2008

It does start out simple enough....

...sitting on an all too-uncomfortable couch. One purchased at a yard sale a few years ago...

"I sure wish we could find comfortable funtiture..." says one..

"Yeah, that'd be great...then we could have comfortable seating at Thanks-mas.." says the other...

And the chaos begins.........

Let's go & LOOK at furniture, OK?

Sure....but just look, ok??
Sure. OK.

Well, 3 hours, a sofa, a love seat, a rocking recliner, 2 French country end tables and and a bunch of money later, as we were home sitting on our all too un-comfortable couch (they can't deliver the new stuff until next week) looking at the sad white walls, one says, "maybe we should paint..."

"OK", says the other...we can find some really pretty colors..maybe have an accent wall?"

"What about a bead board know..that'll match the lovely buttermilk end-tables we got? And a beautiful floating shelf the entire length of the wall..."

"Sounds great!"

And.... while were at window seat, new bookcases, new drapes, new artwork...oh..and don't forget lighting! We need lamps, up-lighting...throw pillows in contrasting colors..baskets to put beneath the window seat, window seat cushion, a throw for the sofa...primer, paint, glaze, rollers, brushes, caulk, putty, nails, a compressor, a nail gun wait I have those......screws, bolts, washers, lumber, drop cloths, "volunteer" painters (the newlyweds) sandwiches brought in, diet cokes bought..WHEW!!!!!!!!!!

...........Oh, and don't forget the groomer for the pups at 3pm!

And so it begins. A small thing..just the wish for a comfortable seat...and a major re-model is begun.

Watch for updates and photos and tired blogs. And wish us well. We've survived quite a few re-models before and we'll get through this one too.

Stay tuned..........and don't the pups look cute..????