Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"On the sunny side of the street"...

Yesterday it was actually warm enough to go out in just shirtsleves...oh, and pants too, of course..

Beautiful weather and not snow at all, green grass showing, but that was just....

"On the sunny side of the street" as the old song goes.

Yep, the south side of the streets, yards, parking lots and fields are sunny, snow melted off and almost green.

But just cross the street on the north side or look into the front yard and you'll still see piles of snow...PILES...some parking lots that have shoved all the snow to one side might have 5 feet of the yucky, black-ish dirty stuff.

Ah, spring is almost here. But in between we have "mush" season. "Mushy" as the weather person called it. Mucky left-over leaves, trampled and flattened grass, you know, mushy stuff.

As we were walking yesterday, in shirtsleeves (and pants), we heard Mourning Doves (or Morning! doves as I like to call them..) and a few other, less famous birds singing. Sort of "American Idol for Birds".......I personally vote for the little chubby chickadee myself...

I saw what at first looked like Ramen noodles on the sidewalk ahead......upon closer inspection, we discovered the "Ramen noodles" were, in fact, earth worms!

Guess they felt the sunshine and decided to come up for a sunbath. Some were stretched out, some curled up, some kind of zig-zaggy. (some were squished, but we won't go into that..)

But all in all it was a good walk. Got home and expected to see curtains on the front porch, but, humbug, not there yet. Hopefully today.

In the meantime, I have plenty to do - the rest of the house looks like it's been ransacked - boxes of "stuff" and left-over furniture are everywhere still.

Good time to be between jobs, huh?!

Have a fun-filled spring day and don't step on those "Ramen noodles" on the sidewalks!


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I am patiently waiting for the big ta da! Hopefully your curtains arrive soon! I am so envious that you are walking around with no coat on! send it my way...