Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It was the weirdest thing......

....at work, I actually retained some of what I was being shown on Friday! You know, the computer stuff...Imagine that...thanks brain, you 'ol gray matter!

So yesterday when I was (still in learning mode of course) entering the input, I sorta knew where to go, what buttons to push and stuff like that. I came home in a WAY better mood, much to Mr. B's delight......

And they loved my decorations. People kept stopping by to see what I had done. When I looked overhead, I noticed some dirt and moths (ick!!) had gone to that "big light box in the sky" to die...when I asked about it, one person said it had been like that for the 2 years she'd been there.....

I also noticed my cubicle had once had one of those mat-thingies under the chair on top of the carpet so you could roll around a lot - and I roll around a LOT - but it was missing - gone - kaput.

I asked the IT guy who was working on my computer settings if I could get another...(like he would know ....duh..) Told him there obviously had been one there prior to me -you know.. the tell-tale worn area on the carpet??... which he studied with fake-interest.

He suggested I talk to someone about ordering me one - (not ME , he was probably thinking..)

...now remember, I am an "instant gratification" kind of gal - so I said "Hmmm, I wonder, since I can see the markings, if someone saw an empty cubicle and just "acquired" it for theirs...so can I find another empty cubicle and requisition one from that cubicle...?"

Although I didn't wait for a response, I do believe I heard him mumble an "OK, well, I guess..." as I darted off to find an empty cubicle.

Now because my Mother raised us with some manners, while looking for that ever elusive empty cubicle, I did introduce myself...told various people my name and briefly what team I was on, all the while scoping out their neighboring cubicle for signs of life - or actually no life.....when I spotted one!

"Is that an empty cubicle?" I asked demurly....

"uh...yeah...I think so"

"well, would you mind if I borrowed the mat-thingy?"


"Because I want two, I was thinking,......here's your sign.." but refrained from saying that.

"Oh, and is that cute little trash can being used....??"

I then found the facilities manager who was coincidently speaking to the IT guy and asked about the "sacred"moth-burial ground. The IT guy said, "Yeah, it is disgusting, I saw it.." and within mere minutes, a worker was there with a vacuum and a ladder to clean it out.

My across-the-way-neighbor was amazed.. I was pleased...and a little smug...

...and so it went until I felt I had all I needed to make my little home complete. At one point my new boss saw me dragging the big 'ol mat thingy and just smiled and said "Well, I won't have to worry about you, huh??!?"

So after a dinner of great leftover "poor man's lasagna" (why is it pasta dishes always taste soo great the next day??)..I stumbled to my chair and snuggled with Braxton..me tired from a hard of "acquisitions and mergers" and him from having to work on his pitiful look all day..when Mr. B noticed Brax & I had the same "posture" or lack there of - and snapped this picture..

....hey, there's nothing like a little nap before bedtime, right??

Have a fine day and remember....... if you don't ask for what you want, you might not get it and then you'll have something to be grumpy about...



Anonymous said...

We saw the "before" picture of your cubicle...could we see the "after"? LOVE your idea of "midnight requisitioning", even though you were able to do it during the day. Have another great one (day, that is). Betty

Senior Bowler said...

I'm a "aquisition and mergers" type of person....not sure if that comes with age or is just inherent to our personality...maybe both.
Can't wait to see the after pics of the cube!!!

Pen Pen said...

Amen, Sister... ask and ye shall receive! Be that "take charge" kind of person... they will love you! You and Braxton are my heroes... love naps before bedtime!