Sunday, February 3, 2008

Happy Super Bowl Sunday to you...

This great advice was shared by my good friend, Betty, who loves dogs and people and walking with my sister, Kathy, in Arizona. Thanks Betty! (waving from my chair....)

Although we're not real big football fans here, we're hunkering down & staying in today and may even catch a little of the game. I LOVE the commercials!

I don't follow football much, but I think I'm for that team that is undefeated so far...the Patriots? I am usually for the underdogs, and the Giants could pull this off and that'd be great, but it would be nice to see one team do what no other has done before...

Snowing again. Pretty as it falls, covering up all the dirty snow. But by Monday's commute, it will be icky again. However, I will enjoy the beauty of it today and be thankful for the water it's bringing for our summer months...

Daughter-in-law, Mrs. P. came over with #2 son for Saturday dinner and a video. Mother-in-Law cooked Parmesan Chicken and it was really good. We watched "Astronaut Farmer" and it was a sweet, non-violent, loving movie. Another good underdog story.

I gave daughter-in-law some pieces of jewelry that I've saved over the years, a brooch, a flower charm and a little key-chain thingy that Brandi and Ella made for me, and asked if she could make something out of them. I know whatever she does with them will be stunning. How nice to have your own custom jewelry maker in the family!

So, it was just a sweet, quiet wonderful Saturday with my husband, talks with my sisters on the phone, dinner with family and lovin' the pups.

Hope your Saturday was everything you wanted it to be.

So I leave you with a little cheer from my High School days for BOTH teams today:
Rah Rah Ree
Kick 'em in the knee

Rah Rah Rass
Kick 'em in the.................other knee!

(photo added for your viewing pleasure)

Have a wonderful Super Sunday and rest up for the week to come..



Teacher -n- Training said...

We are leaving the in-laws today to head back for super bowl. Luckily, my wonderful mother has already bought the munchie foods and has agreed to bring them over (we have a 4 hour drive). I am also a super bowl commercial watcher. The game just interferes with the best parts!

Have a Super Sunday and get your Depends.....I've seen some funny commercials already!

Anonymous said...

Just catching up on blogging missed you. Hope you had a great day.

Pen Pen said...

Love the doggy sign... you are too cute!