Friday, November 30, 2007

This is a plea for P.U.T.S........!!!

Otherwise know as................

Please Use Turn Signals!!

As I discovered while researching for this entry, spurned on by my nightly commute and the frustration therein, using turn signals is NOT OPTIONAL...

Exhibit 1:
"The California Legislature has determined that driving is a privilege, not a right. As such, drivers must follow the rules and guidelines that have been enacted into law. One of these rules (since the late 1950s) is the use of turn signals to indicate your intention to make a movement on the road, street or highway. It's only fair to let other drivers know what you would like to do. (The situation is virtually the same in all other states and commonwealths, although the code sections are different, of course.) "

Exhibit 2:As found in a "Good Citizen" handbook, virtually every wheeled vehicle is required to use signals:

And that got me thinking.........

About the only people I see use them are the ones who leave them on indefinitely.

Going on and on for miles, while we're afraid to make a move because we aren't really certain which way they're going, if anywhere at all.

It's not that much to ask, you know.

Like when I'm waiting to make a left, waiting for the lone car down the road to pass me so I can safely turn... He knows I am waiting for him to pass - I have my signal on...

Then about a millimeter before he actually drives by me, he turns right.

I waited for nothing. I can't even make a face at him because he's now driving happily in the other direction.

School buses let you know when and in which direction they are turning or pulling over.

This one could be fun if you used it back and forth really really fast.........

But one thing I've noticed is, if we do use the signals, we clearly show if we're going right. Or left.
But what about those pesky U-turns???

I think we need a signal for that. It would make my life my easier I know, by golly.

I would no longer rush to make that left on the green arrow, preceded by what I think is
another left-turner, only to find out they're doing a U-turn and have to slow WAY down to make it tight.


We have cars with heated seats. Video screens. Tables. Taking maps. Temperature readouts.

Hands-free phones. Chilled glove boxes. Lighted make-up mirrors (even over the drivers side, which I find quite odd.....and a wee bit dangerous...)

5-disc players with remote controls. (Seriously, how far would you have to reach to turn it on yourself, buddy...)

But we have NO WAY of knowing if someone is making a U-turn.......

What's up with that??

I want to invent the very first U-turn signal. It could be this cute arrow-thingy that lights up just above the tail lights.

I think it would work. I think I'll write to some car makers.

Try that on for size, all you engineers!

So, use your signals.

That way, you can read more blogs instead of having to explain to St. Peter you didn't "indicate
your intention"......


Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sometimes...... brain goes on "strike". Doesn't want to work anymore. Just sits there.

A big 'ol lump of gray.


It's been on a "creative-strike" for a while. Try as I might, I can't seem to get it to focus on one thing for more than a few seconds.

I really want to do won't let me.

It has the attention span of a gnat. It goes from one thing to a split second.

Ever try to meditate with a brain like this?

Close your eyes.


Ahhhh.....did I empty the dishwasher???

No, no, don't think....clear your mind....relax.....there, that's good.......

I need to get the car washed. I wonder if I have any coupons left...maybe they're in that other purse. I really liked that one. I saw the cutest pattern for a purse the other like Alana used to make. Wonder how she is doing? I need to call her. I don't think I have her number. I smell french fries. Wonder if there's a McDonald's around here. I just want a diet coke. Or some tea. Chi tea. Starbucks is soo expensive. I 'd like to visit Seattle someday. Rains a lot there. I like rain. I used to paint rain. I wonder where I put my paints. I gotta buy an umbrella. I love that word "Umbrella" sounds like a little tiny fairy..."Umbrella, the world's tiny-est fairy" Oh I gotta get the car done before it rains...Oh yea, I'm supposed to be relaxing....
forget meditating!

So I gather all the supplies for some ornament-making. Put them all over the table. Scraps, Scissors. Glue. Styrofoam balls..paper clips...

'Brain' stops and says, "Whew, You've made yourself quite a mess here girly."

I listen...and go sit down. What was I thinking???

It's often right you know. My brain. Big 'ol lump of gray.

So I thought I'd share one for my more favorite creations (favorite because it's actually finished...)

I made it in a class. I seem to do better when there are people around me. After all, I don't want them to think I'm the slacker here...

Hey, did you notice what the background is? Pages torn out of a phone book!

It's 3 panels of canvas, with torn phone book pages, inked and decoupaged on...

Rub-ons, and acrylic letters. And one of my mostest-favoritest photos of the kiddos and me

Me thin. (with boobs!!!) April almost as tall as me. She now has a son in college, daughter in high school, and one rising young soccer-girl.. Dammit-Andy is on my right. Biker-boy now. (biker MAN, oh yeah...) Dad now to Connor. Jeff, when he was a skinny little guy, and Brandi, mommy of Ella, was tucked in my sweater.

Camping trip. Colorado. Randy as photographer. Good times....

Anyway, maybe I'll get some inspiration now. After all, my head emptied and I need to go to bed.

Let's see where my brain will take me in my dreams tonight......

g'night big 'ol gray brain......


Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I wonder......

I do wonder. As I look at these photos of my very young parents, what they were like back then.

What they liked to listen to on the radio. What they liked to do for fun. Mother liked to dance....
Wonder if Daddy really did. Or if it was his way of making my Mother like him....

I was helping my sister make something for my Mother's best friend's 90th birthday.

My Mother and Dorthy were friends for 68 years, before my Mother's death.

Dorthy has lost a lot. Her husband. A son. My Mother. My father. Such great losses.

And yet, she is a happy, beautiful woman. As beautiful now as she was years ago.

My Mother and she were friends since the first time they met, in line for a job. Dorthy was 13 and Mother was 15.


It wasn't working for "movie money" or for the latest "thing" was working to help their families.

Hard times back then.

But they met, had fun, liked each other.

When Dorthy started dating a young man, but he wasn't "the one" for her, she introduced him to my Mother. Thought they might hit it off. And they did.

Hit it off...... and he became my father.


Dorthy and my Mother stayed friends. Through marriages, moves, children, sadness and old age.

Dorthy had one daughter and the rest sons. Mother had one son and the rest daughters.

One of Dorthy's sons married one of Mother's daughters.


Unbelievable, yes?

When grandchildren came from that union, Dorthy and Mother shared those grandchildren.


Dorthy lost Alden, her husband and Mother lost Daddy. They were "single girls" once again.....

So here's my wish for Dorthy on her 90th birthday.

My Mother's friend. My sister's Mother-in-Law. My niece and nephew's Grandmother.

I wish you sweet dreams, great memories, a place in Heaven when God's call comes.

A great reunion with Alden, your loving husband, and Jimmy, your wonderful son.

And yes, to see once again, my Mother, your best friend. And Daddy, an old boyfriend.

And the sweet face of Jesus. You have lived a good life in the church. He will welcome you home.....

Can you imagine????

Daddy & Dorthy on a "date"

Dorthy, Mother, Patty and Larry at the lake

Sweet dreams all. And imagine...... it's so fun!


You know you have great puppies when.....

...they get more mail than you do!

Lots of "get better soon" wishes from friends and family.

Thank you all for all the emails, comments and cards sent to our fur-babies. I am happy to report they are doing just fine.

Really good. Cuddly and lovey.

Like nothing has happened.

I wish I could heal like that...I think I would have dragged it our for all time to get as much sympathy as possible...................but that's just me....

And while they were getting all the well-wishes, I got a box of rocks.

Yep. Hand delivered by my other sister, Gerri at Thanks-mas. Lovingly delivered a box of rocks.....

From Kathy. And her friends.. found while walking....the friends..not the rocks....they were just lying around...they're rocks after all...

Which reminds me, when "Dammit-Andy" was little , he wanted to be a rock.

Not a rock-star. Oh no. He wanted to be a rock...on the beach....makes a Mother proud to know her children have such lofty goals....................

Anyway, they were just what I wanted!

When others see a "box of rocks" I see miniature canvases.

I think of the possibilities of what could go on these flat, smooth rocks. But I must tell you the idea is not mine. I actually saw on another blog some great ideas for flat rocks, and I loved it right away.

Trouble is, Rocky Mountain rocks are, well, rocky...bumply, and not-smooth. And Randy wouldn't have let me pick them up anyway.....

Seems like Arizona rocks are PERFECT! Smooth, flat, neat-o shapes. And no one seems to mind when you take them, right??

So to Kathy and her walking friends, all I have to say is,

You are ......

Have a wonderful Wednesday and remember, "art" is all around you. You just have to know what you're looking for!


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

OK, so is 12 o'clock really late or really early??

The question haunts me still....

If it's really late, then I did really good to stay up that late...

If it's really early, then I got up way too early to shop...

I think it is both. too early. too late.

But, hey it was FUN :-)

The local radio station sponsored a Jammie Jam in the mall. The first 200 who came in their jammies got into a "special lounge" that word...make me think of old movies where bad singers in blue pastel tuxes sing while snapping their fingers...

Anyway, it was a challenge. A mission. A calling. A mantra..."we must get into the lounge.." a war cry...WE MUST GET INTO THE LOUNGE!!

Thing is, only Gerri and I heard it. April tried to. She really did. And I think it might have whispered to her, because she was a good sport and came in her jammies..

But tell me there's a free catered breakfast and live music? Well the gauntlet was thrown as far as I was concerned.

So off the grand kids, a very good-natured son-in-law Chris and me and Gerri - go to the mall.

At midnight.
After turkey.
After pie.

After cards.

In our jammies.

All for luke-warm scrambled eggs, cold bacon, warm milk and hard croissants.

And, we weren't the only ones......oh no......

Thousand, maybe even gazillions of crazies..uh...I means shoppers not unlike my self....all with one thing in mind......


Even little Emily was all bright and chipper...Way to go oh Little-one-shopper-girl!

And you know what?

No blue-polyester bad singer..just a guy and a piano, some decent food, lots of fun and a night...ah...morning we'll talk about for some time.

So, do something a little "crazy" ...have some fun...take your camera.. and laugh.

We did.

And we had a blast!

Thanks, kids and grands for indulging me once more. I love you all!


Monday, November 26, 2007

The thing about "nutshells".... that it's so hard to pack 3 1/2 days of family, food, fun and frenzy into one.

Nutshells that is... let me just tell you, our Thanks-Mas was one of the best one's yet.. (Yes, I do say that every year, don't I??)

Anyway, let me just start out by thanking all of YOU, my friends, who have left such wonderful, thoughtful and worried comments on Braxton, Lulu and of course, Randy-man.

All are doing well.

Braxie & Lulu had their follow-up on Friday and the vet says they are going to be fine. The antibiotics are working and neither had a fever or any sign of infection.

Randy's knees, although scraped, are a little stiff but fine. The huge lump in his arm is now a flat big-ole bruise.

But he is walking the pups again, as am I. We're just far more "in the moment" and watch out for everything. I only wish we had rear-view mirrors like they do in cars!

Last year, Jeff gave me a head-band sort of thingy that had a light on it - kinda like the miners wear. When I walk the dogs in the mornings, it is sometimes still a little dark. (.....I won't walk that early anymore....)

Anyway...I tired the head-lamp-thingy - I really did - the people driving by were looking at what the single-lighted thing was on the sidewalk before they could see me, the pups and the silly light on my head. They must have thought,

.....well, I have no way of knowing what they were thinking, but I'll bet it was something like:

"Whaaaa?? Oh, it's some old lady-miner with her dogs..."

Because I had the two of them, and the light-thingy on my head, I was in somewhat of an odd position to actually spot the poops to pick them up. Had to move my entire head in motions to find it. then when I bent over to pick it up, the light was above it. I couldn't quite coordinate the light and the poop and the pups at the same time.

But I feel it was some good neck-exercises all at the same time. So thanks Jeff, for letting me "see the light"!!

And thanks again to all of you. I do appreciate each and every comment left and read them time after time.

One of the best thing sis that they lead me to you and your blogs! And I learn so much and feel a part of a wonderful community of people with similar tastes, hobbies and families.

So, go out there today and revel in the memories of a fun and thankful week-end.

And remember, Christmas is only a short time away..better start shopping early....

........did I tell you that Gerri & I were interviewed & photographed in our Jammie's at the mall at 2am?? No? OK, see ya tomorrow with "the rest of the story"...


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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Yet another thing to be thankful for....

Last evening, while Randy was walking the pups ( a term of endearment, not their age, by the way...) a Pit Bull attacked them.

He came up from behind as the three of them were walking, our two in their harnesses and on 5 ft. leashes.

He was silent, no collar or tags to give him away. All of a sudden he was just a blur past Randy and had Braxton in his teeth.

Lulu (our "Princess-Warrior") saw what was happening to her little "brother" and sprang into action.

Randy was in the midst of the 3 dogs, pulling and trying to protect them..

The Pit Bull let go of Braxton and Randy had Braxie up in the air in a split second. By this time, neighbors were out their doors, some calling the police or Animal Control, one threatening to "shoot the dog"- all the while Lulu is fending off the vicious attacker.

Randy ran to help Lulu and suddenly all were in the ditch, fallen and injured.

The "owner" of the Pit Bull came out of nowhere and pulled his dog off Lulu, who he had on her back and his powerful jaws around her tiny neck, shaking her. Randy was trying to get the dog off of her, hitting, yelling and kicking.

The owner said he was taking the dog home and would be back to see how they all were. All the time, one neighbor was saying he had children and if he saw the dog again, he'd shoot it for sure. (not exactly how we would have handled the situation, however, he was in fear for his kids...)

Needless to say, the man with the dog never came back. Randy, by this time as banged up as the pups, had the dogs at the Vet's.

Thankfully, THANKFULLY, no life-threatening injuries. Braxton has 3 puncture wound, deep and open, on his bum. Lulu, because of her heavy coat (and strong will) was not opening wounded, however, the Vet explained it was much like a car accident - you hurt sooo much worse the next day. Today will be hard on all three....

So, they are on pain pills, antibiotics, ointment and bed-rest. My poor babies!

Randy is bruised, his knees torn up, arm swollen and heart broken. He feels he somehow let them down by not protecting them better. God knows what he did and so do I. He is amazing to me- and to the pups.

He saved their lives.

You couldn't imagine 2-eleven pound pups to survive and Pit Bull attack without the aid of their Dad. God gave him the strength, the clear-headiness and the tenacity to fight off the Pit Bull. And, God is responsible for letting Randy forgive the dog (maybe not so much the owner). He (both He's - God and Randy) know if the owner had been responsible for his pet, this would not have happened.

I know he's a hero. Braxton & Lulu know that too. Now if only I could get Randy to believe that.

So, add more thankfulness this Thanks-mas. We have Lulu & Braxton and they have their Dad.

And we see again the proof guardian Angels surround us all-

Thank you, God.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Guess what I saw....

...while driving to work yesterday?

One of those trucks that "it takes two to drive" as Randy says...

You with the girl in the middle of the front to her Sweetie?

I haven't seen that in YEARS!

I think the whole seat belt-thingy stopped that. It's so funny because when I was in High School, all the girls sat next to the boyfriends. Really next to them...

I guess it did look like it took 2 to drive. Good observation Randy!

Anyway, seeing this couple, and they were not kids, looked really weird to me...not the people themselves...but the way they were sitting so close. Like high school "Sweeties"....

A throwback in time. Made me smile.....

I half expected them to start kissing!

Oh, another gem from Randy - "do you know what "STOP " on the red sign means??

Smooch Till Others Pass.....


Anyway, look around today and see if anything you see can "magically" transport you back in some fun memories and when it took two people to drive....


Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Monday - here's something to make you smile....

Click on the link thingy and make sure you have your sound on...Happy Almost-Thanksmas!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Oh, the things that make ya go "Hmmm....."

…and speaking about being totally PC and all….I’m not going to be now.

As a matter of fact, I’m going to be downright ruthless…which is a funny word.. …
.....where does it come from? …………“ruthless “ If someone who is conniving is ruthless..are the good ones full of ruth….... ruthful??

…huh..I wonder….
…I loved the movie Ruthless People…it’s so silly!

“The world’s stupidest criminals..” hhahahahaha!

Anyway, what I am going to say here might not be for the weak.

Or the busy. Or the totally-organized-but-rather-non-feeling-so-warmly-at-Christmas-people….or persons.

OK, here it is…………………………………………………………..

I don't like gift cards. There, I've said it.

(....unless they’re in conjunction with another gift especially chosen for the recipient…)

But, how unimaginative?! It’s like the Holy Grail for slackers…..

I know, I know, ..they’re convenient. They’re quick. Everyone can use…and the advertiser's want you to think you're soo clever..

but seriously, which of the things in the ad would you rather have? The pretty wrapped gift with the beautiful ribbon?.....or the personality?? (hey...that sounds like me in High School!)

Maybe that’s the problem.

"One size fits all"…you could give or get one for the mailman, never even knowing his name. Or her name.

Never taking the time to know anything about him…or her. What they like. What movies, music, books they read….

...if they can read…..............well......I guess they’d have to read if they deliver the mail….

Anyway, the point is, if I give you a $20 gift card and you give me a $20 gift card, why don’t we just keep our $20’s and call it even??

Yes, it takes some thought to buy something for someone- but isn’t that the whole idea???

To find just the “perfect” thing for someone? To be at a flea market or a used book store and spot that one thing you know they’ll just.....LOVE?

That’s when the giving gives the gift-giver as much of a gift as the gift-getter gets!!

I love to be somewhere, oh, like in the middle of July, and say ”Oh, Gerri would just love this!”

Or, that’d be PERFECT for Chris! Or, you know, I remember he/she collects these, I think I’ll get him/her one!”

(notice how PC I’m being here now….yeah, me!)

Hey....I crack me up…both “Chris” and “Gerri” could be a boy or a girl –hahhahahaha! –, wait… not in the “mixed-up-doesn’t-know-what-gender-they-are” sort of way…. The names, I mean…

Anyway, my point is that especially at Christmas, you should spend more than money on those gifts.

You should spend time.

And if you’re saying, “well I really don’t know that person all that well..”

…maybe you should re-think why getting them anything at all. Or maybe get to know them. ……

After all, if they’re not worth the effort, what IS the point??????????

Things that make ya go “Hmmm……”


**** DISCLAIMER*** (..again....geesh! )

" The opinions of the writer in no way conveys the feelings of the Senior Management....."



Saturday, November 17, 2007

Just another Saturday here on Main Street day...

Yeah, you're reading a blog from a graduate of Cake Decorating 101 - yeah, baby!

Today was the last class in "part 1" and the next set starts the first Saturday in January. Guess they figure Randy needs something besides cake for dinner on Saturday nights....

so, let's see it you say...OK here it is in all of it's Lemon glory...

Today we learned Sweet Peas, ribbons, and were to work on Roses again...but I made a flower I don't know the name of - but they look like a ruffly rose... Oh, and the pea-looking things..they're supposed to be dots.

And here's Heather and me, one last time, Ooh-ing and Aha-ing over tonight's dinners....

But, here's what I'm talking about......

Moist, lemony, YUM-O....

But, Saturdays are not ALL about the cakes, right?

With the weather being so nice today, we actually came across a little yard sale!

I bought these:

Why 3 Jacks you say??

Because they didn't have 10...Duh....

Oh, and I got this darling small cookie jar:

You can tell it's not really big because the Jacks are actual "jacks-size".....

And, doesn't Braxton look like he's keeping Santa's chair warm for him??

And these aren't new but I threw them in because I thought you'd like them...I do.

So, enjoy your night, sleep tight, and don't sleep with your mouth open...all the grumpies enter that way....betcha didn't know that, huh??


You're kiddin' me, right??

While watching the news, an interesting story came on about Santa in Australia.

I really like Santa, so when I heard his name I wanted to know what my old friend was up to these days, you know, before the big rush and all….

(he gets sooo busy……you’d think he could stop for a minute and call, but noooo…)

I digress….

That’s when they said something on TV that elicited the only response I could come up with:

“you’ve GOT to be kidding…

Seems in Australia (and I speak not for the whole country or all of its inhabitants) some folks have taken issue with Santa’s jolly greeting of “Ho! Ho! Ho!”


Yep. Seems some people have taken “offence” to it..or to the reference (I guess the “ho’s”…??)



Yep, seriously. So he was “asked” to use the greeting of “Ha! Ha! Ha!”

(I don’t know.....looses something the delivery, don’t you think?)

.... what are you thinking people??

And while we’re getting all PC about the wording..then I guess we’ll have to call that tool used in the garden to move dirt and plant , not a hoe, oh no!

Now it should be referred to as a “move the soil-dig the ruts-ready the ground –farm implement”….

And the festive dance first started for farmers?

…not a “Hoe-Down “anymore….but a “Move the soil-dig-the ruts-ready-the-ground- farm-implement-Down”.

I don’t know about you, but the way I see it is if someone’s mind is really that shallow, I want to tell them that Santa, while stuck up in the North Pole with all of those creepy, smiling, pointy-toed-shoes, "Vertically Challenged"elves, deserves a couple of Ho’s……


Have a fun, PC safe, non-work related, week-end. Try to be merry, have a gay (but you've got to be careful with that word today) Holiday season, unless of course you are not permitted due to your religious beliefs NOT to have fun, or to be happy or…...........


** Please accept with no obligation, implied or implicit, my best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, low-stress, non-addictive, gender-neutral celebration of the winter solstice holiday, practiced within the most enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion of your choice, or secular practices of your choice, with respect for the religious/secular persuasion and/or traditions of others, or their choice not to practice religious or secular traditions at all.

I also wish you a fiscally successful, personally fulfilling and medically uncomplicated recognition of the onset of the generally accepted calendar year 2008, but not without due respect for the calendars of choice of other cultures whose contributions to society have helped make America great.....

...Not to imply that America is necessarily greater than any other country nor the only America in the Western Hemisphere.

And without regard to the race, creed, color, age, physical ability, religious faith or sexual preference of the wishee.

By accepting these greetings you are accepting these terms.

*This greeting is subject to clarification or withdrawal.

It is freely transferable with no alteration to the original greeting.

It implies no promise by the wisher to actually implement any of the wishes for herself or himself or others, and is void where prohibited by law and is revocable at the sole discretion of the wisher.

This wish is warranted to perform as expected within the usual application of good tidings for a period of one year or until the issuance of a subsequent holiday greeting, whichever comes first, and warranty is limited to replacement of this wish or issuance of a new wish at the sole discretion of the wisher.

-The Blake Household Management

Friday, November 16, 2007

Ah, Santa, you've "gone-n-done-it"...........

Gave me everything I could have asked for....and it's not even December!

Ella's coming for Christmas (and bringing Momma Brandi, too!)
Robert & Colette's house was saved from the fires....

Johnny's Momma (Ella's Grandma) is doing MUCH better and will be fine.... (after a long recovery)

Larry's hand was not broken by the horse and he's good to ride another day...

(yes, that's me & him back in 1961-ish...)

Bruce is out of the hospital and Daisy-the-dog has her Dad home once more.

Gerri has quit the job she hated and is taking a chance on life....

Kathy's walking and making new friends every day...and sharing them with me through this blog.
The remodel on Grandma's bathroom is going GREAT!

And as for me, well, you know how I feel about this whole Christmas season......

'Tis the season to be CHUBBY! ...fa la la la la, la lalala..........

All I have to say to you, Santa, is one thing...

YOU ROCK !!!!!!
(ok, so maybe one little gift under the tree...for me... Santa baby....)