Monday, November 26, 2007

The thing about "nutshells".... that it's so hard to pack 3 1/2 days of family, food, fun and frenzy into one.

Nutshells that is... let me just tell you, our Thanks-Mas was one of the best one's yet.. (Yes, I do say that every year, don't I??)

Anyway, let me just start out by thanking all of YOU, my friends, who have left such wonderful, thoughtful and worried comments on Braxton, Lulu and of course, Randy-man.

All are doing well.

Braxie & Lulu had their follow-up on Friday and the vet says they are going to be fine. The antibiotics are working and neither had a fever or any sign of infection.

Randy's knees, although scraped, are a little stiff but fine. The huge lump in his arm is now a flat big-ole bruise.

But he is walking the pups again, as am I. We're just far more "in the moment" and watch out for everything. I only wish we had rear-view mirrors like they do in cars!

Last year, Jeff gave me a head-band sort of thingy that had a light on it - kinda like the miners wear. When I walk the dogs in the mornings, it is sometimes still a little dark. (.....I won't walk that early anymore....)

Anyway...I tired the head-lamp-thingy - I really did - the people driving by were looking at what the single-lighted thing was on the sidewalk before they could see me, the pups and the silly light on my head. They must have thought,

.....well, I have no way of knowing what they were thinking, but I'll bet it was something like:

"Whaaaa?? Oh, it's some old lady-miner with her dogs..."

Because I had the two of them, and the light-thingy on my head, I was in somewhat of an odd position to actually spot the poops to pick them up. Had to move my entire head in motions to find it. then when I bent over to pick it up, the light was above it. I couldn't quite coordinate the light and the poop and the pups at the same time.

But I feel it was some good neck-exercises all at the same time. So thanks Jeff, for letting me "see the light"!!

And thanks again to all of you. I do appreciate each and every comment left and read them time after time.

One of the best thing sis that they lead me to you and your blogs! And I learn so much and feel a part of a wonderful community of people with similar tastes, hobbies and families.

So, go out there today and revel in the memories of a fun and thankful week-end.

And remember, Christmas is only a short time away..better start shopping early....

........did I tell you that Gerri & I were interviewed & photographed in our Jammie's at the mall at 2am?? No? OK, see ya tomorrow with "the rest of the story"...


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The Tattered Nest said...

tell us more! I can't wait to hear about your interview! what a great idea to wear your pajamas...our mall opened at 1am, and no I didn't make it, full tummy dry diaper...I was night night. Glad to hear hubby and pups are doing better.

Littlepenpen said...

So glad hubby and dogs are well! I took my dogs for a walk on Thanksgiving afternoon, and thought about yours the whole time, while watching over my shoulder for big bad dogs! I know what you mean about the whole eating thing, that you mentioned in my blog comments. I do feel better when I eat right... which is seldom. W.W. is great! I did it for about six months this past year and lost about 20 lbs... I need to "relose" about 7 of those now!

Anonymous said...

So glad the babies are doing good. Glad hubby is good too hehe.
You seem like such a sweet and crazy couple.Just what me and hubby need. We have no married friends here like us.Makes it hard. I love to visit here.