Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I wonder......

I do wonder. As I look at these photos of my very young parents, what they were like back then.

What they liked to listen to on the radio. What they liked to do for fun. Mother liked to dance....
Wonder if Daddy really did. Or if it was his way of making my Mother like him....

I was helping my sister make something for my Mother's best friend's 90th birthday.

My Mother and Dorthy were friends for 68 years, before my Mother's death.

Dorthy has lost a lot. Her husband. A son. My Mother. My father. Such great losses.

And yet, she is a happy, beautiful woman. As beautiful now as she was years ago.

My Mother and she were friends since the first time they met, in line for a job. Dorthy was 13 and Mother was 15.


It wasn't working for "movie money" or for the latest "thing" was working to help their families.

Hard times back then.

But they met, had fun, liked each other.

When Dorthy started dating a young man, but he wasn't "the one" for her, she introduced him to my Mother. Thought they might hit it off. And they did.

Hit it off...... and he became my father.


Dorthy and my Mother stayed friends. Through marriages, moves, children, sadness and old age.

Dorthy had one daughter and the rest sons. Mother had one son and the rest daughters.

One of Dorthy's sons married one of Mother's daughters.


Unbelievable, yes?

When grandchildren came from that union, Dorthy and Mother shared those grandchildren.


Dorthy lost Alden, her husband and Mother lost Daddy. They were "single girls" once again.....

So here's my wish for Dorthy on her 90th birthday.

My Mother's friend. My sister's Mother-in-Law. My niece and nephew's Grandmother.

I wish you sweet dreams, great memories, a place in Heaven when God's call comes.

A great reunion with Alden, your loving husband, and Jimmy, your wonderful son.

And yes, to see once again, my Mother, your best friend. And Daddy, an old boyfriend.

And the sweet face of Jesus. You have lived a good life in the church. He will welcome you home.....

Can you imagine????

Daddy & Dorthy on a "date"

Dorthy, Mother, Patty and Larry at the lake

Sweet dreams all. And imagine...... it's so fun!



madrekarin said...

Such a sweet post, Colleen!! Your parents are gorgeous and you look like your daddy. :)
I have finally put together your pat-it-forward package. I hope it will be worth the wait!!
Hope your babies are doing better. What a horrible thing to happen!! And tell your Randy that I think he is a hero. Wear those bumps and bruises well.

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Colleen, what a wonderful story and how their lives were woven together. Such a beautiful friendship....xxoo, Dawn

The Tattered Nest said...

I love hearing stories of friendship like this! they were so lucky to have each other for so many years, and to think it will be carried on for generations! and lucky you! to have a second Mom...

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Colleen, that was a wonderful story! You don't hear of special friendships like that very often. I really enjoyed visiting you today! You put a smile on my face.

Miss jane said...