Saturday, November 10, 2007

Speaking of going green.....'s a great idea to recycle all those old sweaters you have!

No, that's not me.....but I wish I'd thought of it first...hahahahaha!

It's the time of year I start to knit.

But I don't "really" knit....

OK, so I do some scarves. Just scarves. I don't want to do anything more complicated that that.

Things that include math...and counting stitches...and keeping up with where you are....

W-A-Y too much thought. People have tried to teach me. To convince me..

but nope....don't wanna...anin't gunna....

That's why I like to knit scarves. I can sit and watch TV, or ride in the truck with Randy, and not have to "think"...

And I LOVE it when I don't have to think. I can just go about empty headed. I like that. (not that I think all that much regularly...)

It's kind of why I like to wash dishes (sometimes) by hand.... You can just loose your thoughts or let them take you anywhere. Or nowhere. Just be.

I like that.

And I really do like to knit....I love all the pretty yarns...the funky new ones, the really soft ones, the beautiful colors.

And I looooove wooden needles. I love the feel of them in my hands. Warm, somehow. Smooth. Strong. The metal ones are good for some things, but you know......cold. Hard. Fabricated.

I guess that means I could knit in the summer......but , uh, no.

My knitting is a winter thing.

I guess I just keep knitting with various sized wooden needles, cute , soft, fuzzy yarns, and maybe I'll have made enough scarves to "scarve the world"!

Or, at least my little corner of it......

So, find something to do that lest you just "be"...just as your are. Imperfect. Empty headed. But warm and beautiful. And enjoy every single lost moment. You'll be better for it.

And who knows, someone might even like one of your silly 'ole scarves!

Have a great Saturday, OK?
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