Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It's Halloween...and I'm going as a pole dancer....

...well, now that I have your attention...I'd like to make an announcement:



But like all good celebrations, we will start the season with a prayer:

My appetite is my Shepherd.
I will always want.

It maketh me sit down
and stuffeth myself.

It leadeth me in the path of Burger King for a Whopper.
It destroyeth my shape...

Yea, though I knoweth I gaineth,
I cannot stop eating. For the food tasteth so good.

Thy ice cream, thy cookies, they comfort me.
When the table is spread before me,
It exciteth me....

For I knoweth that I sooneth shall dig in...

As I fillith my plate continuously..
My clothes runeth tighter...

Surely buldges & pudgies shall follow me
All the days of my life -
And I shall be "pleasingly plumpeth" forever.


Have a Happy Halloween - now go eat all the candy that's left know you bought too much for that very reason!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Everything old is new again....

Randy said he like the green blog template best - I think it's because of the picture of me in his mind when April got me my old fashioned girl's bike last year....

I was riding it for the first time ...actually, I never had a bike of my own when I was a kid...(insert tear here...)

That day I was wearing a BRIGHT green shirt and my hair was dyed red. Orange, really.....really really orange. I looked like the by-product of RonaldMcDonald and Mimi....

What was I thinking?? I looked like a lit match........

Anyway I went ever so s-l-o-w-l-y uphill on the street behind my house.......which I didn't really count on being downhill in front of my house....

Needless to say, I was FLYING down our little street, smiling 9 feet across, in my red hair and BRIGHT green shirt blowing in the wind, enjoying my newly-found freedom.....when I tried (and I use the term loosely) to round a corner.

No one 'splained to me that I had to brake.....

I flew into the gutter and all I could think was "Tuck & roll" which I did.

When I finished rolling and felt safe enough to open my eyes, I was on my back, the bike still between my legs, and saw a flower bush going round and round on my still-spinning tire.. ...

"I'm OK" I said to no one in particular............

Anyway, folded any good books lately??

Yep, I said "folded"....Saw a neat article in:

Anyway, I think my book had too few of pages to look really neat. And I think it might be a little too big. I'll bet a good thick paperback would look really cool!

So, have fun folding, or riding or just saying things to no one in particular. I know I do...
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Monday, October 29, 2007

Good bright cheery wonderful Monday Morning....yeah, right....


What a way to start a Monday huh? This was me one year after the "Mimi" one.

But, both years, I took home $50 for "most colorful costume" yeah, I was laughing all the way to the bank..............(or in my case, the nearest store..)

This year, I am taking a Cake decorating class - not for Halloween, silly, just for fun. you can eat!

I know many of you must be thinking that to cook is an art....and I've made my share of pretty..uh..........edible meatloaves. But pretty, not so much...

Seriously, how many different, no less artful ways can you layer the noddles in a lasagna??

So for the next 4 weeks, my friend Heather and I are taking Cake Decorating 101 at a local craft store - that's right, a craft store, not a Culinary school....

We'll make beautiful flowers, learn how to cut that cake so the surface is smooth and ready for the frosting.

And frosting! We are going to learn how to make that as well. We'll make borders, Sweet Peas, leaves and stems. We'll make rainbows and clowns and learn to write beautifully of food.

Try that on your next lasagna..................

That means, for the next four weeks, Randy will have to eat cake. Make that Randy and I. Oh poor pitiful me...but wait, maybe I'll feel sad about actually cutting into and eating all that beauty...Seriously, have we met??

So stay tuned. I will be taking photos of our efforts... and our beautiful cakes :-)

Have a GREAT Monday and laugh just a little....(or a lot)

Oh yeah, PS - Way to go Red Sox and the series. (Had to say that. I was rooting for the Rockies. Like what's more picturesque...the Rocky Mountains or........socks....

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

New look - and some Look-alikes....

So, how do you like the new blog look? I figured since I had reached my 100th post some 9 posts ago - I'd try something new. Do you like it?

And now...........................
Drum roll please!!!!!!
It's time for the First Annual Sullivan-Lyke-Blake Lopez Family look-alike contest....
In the male category:

Randy and Al from Tool Time:

Then there's my brother Larry and Lee Marvin:

And who can forget Little Emily and Lyle Lovitt: (!)

And speaking of little girls, how about Ella and the Gerber baby:

OK, so maybe there is ONE more.......
Mimi and ..........??????

Maybe just one more that might be a little more flattering to me....I mean the prson next to Mimi....yeah, that's it...that girl...

Happy 3 days before Halloween!


Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday morning coffee....

For some, Saturday means sleeping in a little later.

And I do that sometimes after Lulu has gone out. She usually cuddles in with Randy, and I take to my "sleepy chair" in the front room and let the sunrise awaken me fully through the big picture window.

I remember when, as a single Mom to four little ones, Saturday mornings meant "Cartoon Day".
That was well before cable and cartoons that are on 24/7.

It was special. The kids really anticipated that day.

Even if I did let them stay up late on Friday nights, which was often the case (me secretly hoping maybe, just maybe they'd sleep in a little..) the early morning house was filled with the sounds of cartoons, laughter, cereal bowls and spoons clanking together.

Kids having fun. (with the occasional fighting and bickering going on as well..)

I knew they'd all be in their PJ's. All bed-heads. All warm and sweet. And when the cartoon ended, they'd get dressed and start their play-day. And me, laundry or whatever.
But cartoon-days were special. Cinnamon toast. Cold cereal with even colder milk.

On really ambitious days, I'd make powdered sugar donuts out of refrigerator biscuits.

Now, the kids are grown, with little ones of their own. And I'm not certain if the cartoons are on at their houses on Saturday mornings.

Or if the grandkids think of it as special..... I'll have to ask.

But at my house, Saturday mornings are still special.

That's when I have "Saturday coffee". All week long, we have "Randy" coffee - you know, strong and, well, plain. He takes most of the pot in one ginormous insulated mug. I have what's left with cream and sweetener.

But on Saturdays, I make "girlie" coffee -flavors like Vanilla Cream, or Butter Pecan, or Creme Brulee. And I still use the great Carmel vanilla creamer and sweetener.

Hmmmm....I may have 2 or 3 cups before Randy rises. (if he does want coffee on Saturdays, which he usually doesn't - he'll go to 7 -11 and have theirs.)

I watch a little of HGTV and "think" about how I'd like to have a garden someday. Or how I'll paint that last room...or make decorator pillows.... Then it's probably laundry (not much changes in 35 years, huh?)

Ah, but I do love my Saturday coffee. I wait all week for that, just like my kids used to wait for cartoon day..... I think I"ll start calling Saturdays "Coffee day."...

So, enjoy your coffee, cartoons and faux-powdered-sugar donuts....and have fun in the laundry..

and Happy Coffee day....


Friday, October 26, 2007

Today was like a.......

...ride for me.

First - UP: walked in the cool of the morning with the pups. Leaves crunching under our 10 feet. Cool air nipping at all three noses. Hot coffee and cool water waiting for us all at home.

Then - DOWN: I could for the life of me find my wallet.
License, money, photos, medical cards - the whole shebang. Lost. Maybe forever....

Then - UP: After driving to work VERY cautiously so as not to get pulled over and have to say
"why Officer, I really do have a license to drive...but I lost it!" - I FOUND my wallet - in the passenger side of the car where I was sitting the night before after going out to dinner. It was wedged between the door and the seat.
But I found it... in the last place I looked..which if you think about it, always happens. (Why would you continue to look past the place you found it???)

Then - DOWN: A little bird, much like this one.. flew HARD into our window at work. I rushed out to see, and the poor thing was dazed.

I gently picked it up and ever so softly rubbed it's little chest. It wasn't moving. So I took my finger and sorta pressed on it's chest - you know - like they do on TV. One one-thousand, two one-thousand....
Didn't work. Tried to see if he was breathing, but it's really hard to tell on a little bird....

So I placed him on the grass in the sunshine and hoped he'd revive himself.
He didn't.

I wrapped him in some paper towel, then into a plastic baggie, then into a left-over container.

Then I sorta buried him in the trash bin. (I didn' t want the feral kitten I've been secretly feeding to think he was an appetizer....)

Then -UP: Got good new about both Robert's house and Johnny's Mother. One is safe for now from the fires. The other has taken a small walk on her own in the ICU.

Now - it's time for bed, so I think I'll say good-night and remember, on those "roller-coaster" days, things will eventually go UP...and that is, after all, what makes this ride so.....
MUCH FUN !!!!!!

"Reuntied and it feels so good...."

....Everybody, sing along...reunited and it feels so good...something, something, something.. Reunited 'cause we understood ..There's one perfect fit ...and baby, this one is it....something, something.... something...

Ah, ya gotta love Peaches & Herb.....

And that's just what I thought when I spotted this little bowl ...

(the 'reunited thing..not the Peaches & Herb thing..)

because I already have this set:

Bought the 2 little canisters in Arizona while visiting Gerri.

Found the little soap bowl in West Yellowstone.

(the city, not part of the know Randy wouldn't have let me keep it if is was IN the park!)

Weird, huh?

To find three pieces, so far apart from one another......

So, now they're reunited. And it does feel so good..

...thank you Peaches & Herb!

(What ever happened to Peaches?..... or Herb, for that matter....)
So now,when you come to my house, you can use Stuff or find Odds-N-Ends or wash with SOAP..
Wanna see another weird quowinkydink???
These two photographs, (2 of my very favorites) were bought in 2 different states. Several years apart. Only after I got the piggy home, did I notice they were taken by the same photographer!



... look at the signatures:

Cool, huh??!!

Things that make ya go...Hmmmmmmm...

So, keep your eyes open, keep your heart open...and you just may be.....

Reunited, and it feels so good......


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Isn't this just the cutest thing???

No, not the chair.....

The picture of me!

JUST KIDDING...... Of COURSE it's the chair !!

Can you believe it? I have my very own Candy Bouncer!! All blue and powder coated. I can see it in front of a roadside motel. Or in our back yard while the family envies my good seat. ....ahh..I mean...chair...

OK, the motel would have to be very small. And my seat?? Well, I always wanted to be a "Barbie".....

To think I have a good friend that I've have yet to meet to thank for this. Her name is Betty. She loves animals. Which in my book of "good people", gets her an immediate free-pass.

As a matter of fact, I see her as a sort of "Cinderella" when it comes to know, when she goes out into the woods, the deer will walk up to her...the butterflies softly land on her shoulder...the racoons will clap their little paws...the skunks..

OK, enough with the visualization...

But you know, the birds-will-sing-while-flying-around-her-head sort of person.

And I know I'm right about this. She is a friend of my sister Kathy's. She's a walker. She's a Ya-Ya. And, she's my friend. And not just because of the very thoughtful gift, sent so carefully in the mail, to be opened on a rather dull sort of day. You know, typical Wednesday...

...but because she read something on this silly 'ol blog about me wanting my very own Candy Bouncer.

And she remembered that. And she saw this one she thought of me, someone she's never met, but who's bonds are growing stronger with each email sent. Each good comment or thought passed on by Kathy from her to me and visa versa. I feel like I have a 3rd. sister. And you all know how I feel about sisters....

......quite frankly, I am amazed. I can't remember what I had for breakfast this morning.....

Anyway, I thank you Betty. For your thoughtfulness. For your kindness. And for MY VERY OWN CANDY BOUNCER!!!!!!!

So, here's to good friends. Those you've already met and those whom you've yet to meet!

PS - loved the card and your address label!


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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Robert & Colette's fire update..

Randy's brother, Robert & his wife Colette live in southern California. As you all know, the fires have been unrelenting. So far, Robert & Colette's house is safe, but they are on "high alert". Some of their neighbors have already been evacuated.

The car is packed.

The cat is, reluctantly I'm sure, ready. They have friends who have offered them shelter, if needed. Sleep, I'm certain is elusive at best. Probably non-existent.

These things don't happen to people we know, right? They're always to the "numbers" we hear on the news.

You know, "Woman hit by car in serious condition. News at 11"

"Fires rage in Southern California. Thousands forced to leave their homes. Update at 11"

So, this week, I am reminded that they ARE the people we know. The people we love.

Everyone of those "number" or "headlines" are people with families that get "the call". Or hear on the news.

And, hopefully, healing in the hospital from her accident, is Norma Lopez. My thought and prayers are with you, Norma, for a quick recovery and less pain.

And for dear her husband. And Brandi, Johnny, Ella, Yvonne, Betsy and their families who are watching over their mother-grandmother.

Prayers and thoughts are with Robert & Colette. That the winds will change. That the fire will slow. That they won't have to uproot the cat. Or their lives. Or their home. Their sanctuary....

My prayers are with the thousands and thousands that have lost everything. And those in jeopardy of loosing everything. To the 800 thousands (I can't even get my mind around that number..) who are between safety and disaster.

To the firefighters. And the animals. To all who are concerned about loved ones there now.

Prayer can do wonders. Please, anyone who is reading this, pray for all who are affected, who are helping, worrying, and displaced. Pray for all of us.

We really can help.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007's me again...

Well, not really me..although it could have been me if my hair was not gray. And I was like, 57 1/2 years younger...

But when I spotted this little face, I thought, "well, she has my almost-not-there eyebrows, round face, chubby cheeks, blue eyes............. and she's wearing glasses!"

I should too..........really....

If you've been reading these posts, you know I can't see a thing without my glasses.

But, oh how I try....

Yesterday morning, I left to walk the pups AGAIN without them and I should know by now that I truly can't believe what my eyes are telling me I see...

I was sorta looking at license plates as I walked and saw one with the frame around it that said (or I thought) "God bless the onion workers".........

Hmmm, nice thought..... I never realize the produce workers were so specialized! Kinda like doctors now, huh?

I wonder if there are tomato workers, and lettuce workers, and qcumber workers......??????

As I thought and walked, (yes, I can do both) I was getting closer to the license plate....more in my line of vision...

And realized it said "God bless the UNION workers".....

Oh, well that makes much more sense.

So, God, if You will, please do bless the onion workers, and the tomato workers and the lettuce workers.........Oh, .and the Union worker, too..............

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Monday, October 22, 2007

Sunday at the “mart”…

Doesn’t that sound ,oh I don’t know, cosmopolitan?

Like, the fashion mart in New York? Or an open-air market in some exotic place??

Yeeaahh… This me…in Utah…uh huh.

OK, so the “mart” was Wal- coulda been "K-" or "Stein-"....

But it is a nice place to spend a quiet Sunday morning, especially if you need new socks.

Did I ever mention I LOVE new socks?

I can be having a fashion crisis, a money crisis, a life crisis, a health crisis and it can be soothed by new cotton socks.

And, to top it off, I got new T-shirts! Actually, they are called A-shirts. You know, the kind bad mechanics wear…..or rednecks??

No sleeves. However, their’s are usually dirty and ripped, while mine are a kind of camisole….yeah that’s it… a ribbed, sleeveless, cotton cami!

I wear these always. Under things. Not as a fashion statement….. just to be clear….

But since the “baseball game of life has stolen second base”…I no longer have the need for bras….

Which I remind Randy of all the time, are EXPENSIVE! Look how much money I am saving us…..

Anyway, it’s Monday morning. I am showered & coiffed. New sock AND ribbed-cotton-cami and am ready to start the week.

How about you? Enjoying the “new-socks” in the everyday of your life? It’s really wonderful…

Here’s to new socks, baseball and bad mechanics. Have a great Monday!

PS - Since this is Breast Cancer Awareness month, please do your self-checks ALL THE TIME! Don't let them steal second base .....
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Sunday, October 21, 2007


Some people are blessed with one. I was blessed with two...

I think everyone should have one...or two..

We are always there for each other - even when we don't necessarily want them to be there....

The Three Musketeers.
The Three sisters.

We butt in when we shouldn't (however, there aren't really any times when we shouldn't,

...if you love each other like we do, right??)

And we fiercely do love each other. Just ask anyone who's ever tried to break us apart. My 'starter marriage-jerk' tried....and failed.
Big time.

My ex-brother's -in-law tried....and failed.
Big time.

I still have my sisters -we have each other - and we are permanent, not starters.

And now I am lucky enough to have a husband that truly understands those bonds.
And goes with the flow....

That's what Randy is, a "go with the flow" kinda guy... until anyone tries to mess with his family- sisters-in-law included.

Anyway, today's message is short and sweet.

Butt in if your heart says it's the right thing to do.
Be fiercely loyal to those you love.
Risk them getting angry at you. You'll live.
And they will too.
And they will realize we do things these things because,
we butt in,
we talk to each other in front of and behind our backs,
we tell fibs,
we tell truths,
we pray,
we cry,
we try to help..
We love.

The best of these is.... love.


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Saturday, October 20, 2007

This one's for those I love....

Today's entry will be on a more serious note.

This week, we've had some things happen in our extended family that I wanted to note, for personal reasons as well as to remind us all of life's mysterious turns - and to remind us to cherish each moment and each person we love...

My son-in-law's lovely mother was hit by a car while crossing in a crosswalk. She will live (thank you Lord!) but her body has been hurt very badly.

It was a lovely day. She was in a crosswalk. All the right things. Then, this. How quickly life can change. The teddy bear and the flowers above are my "cyber-thoughts" for her. And, you know the angel will look after her and see her through her long recovery....

To her and to the family, I send my prayers and love ...know that I will be thinking of you all during this time of recovery and I pray that your pain will ease.....

The angel above is also for my Sister-in-law. Her first born, now an adult, left this world for a better place. She was nearing 40 years old, but most of those years were troubled and pain-filled. Bad decisions, bad times, maybe bad people that she trusted. Who really knows.

But, she is with God now and perfect in His grace. However, to her Mom, my dear Sister-in-law, her daughter is gone. And I weep for her....if I could take on her sadness I would....

Her daughter has left behind a circle of friends and family that loved her and stood by her while she attempted to get control of her out-of-control life.

And, also by God's grace, she gave the world 2 precious children. Neither knew the extent of their Mother's pain; one lived with her father and one with adoptive parents, and both will spark lovely memories of their Mother's childhood for my Sister-in-law and her family. God rest her soul. And keep in Your embrace Cilla, Ginny and her grandparents and friends. And bless the children....

The clock above is a reminder that time, while it does seem to make things easier, is precious. And no one know when it may change.... May run out..... May have to slow things down a little. Tick tock, tick tock.....

Old advice to say "enjoy the moment", "live for each day", yadda, yadda, yadda.

But we know it's true. We are reminded of this all the time......

Have a wonderful week-end. Be still. Let your mind relax. Smile while you close your eyes and listen...can you hear the rustling leaves? Children playing?? Beautiful music from the next room??

Can you hear the beating of your heart??? Listen.......

Gifts. All of them. From God. To you.

Love you all...
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Friday, October 19, 2007

We're "rOcK StArzZ!!".........

Nope - that's not water.............

Not sand.................

It's weird.

It's "rock".

Or, maybe not...........

I'm quite certain it has some fancy-schmancy geological name that I probably should have read about somewhere at in high school or something..but I've slept since then, so I don't remember....

Anyway....the rock formations were awesome. Everywhere we turned some rock somewhere was smoldering or spewing or dripping or steaming or oozing....

Gee, when I write it out it doesn't sound all that great, huh?

But it was cool to see!

We stopped to look at some old cabins, long ago abandoned.

As I peeked into one window, I spotted a really smooth rock. (On the ground.... sounded for a minute like I saw it in the window, which would have been silly..) It was like a river rock, all smooth and perfectly round. Cool to the touch and pretty.

I picked it up and showed it to Randy who was in the truck. He smiled.

The "how nice"kind of smile.... Then when he saw that I was going to put it into my pocket, his eyes got all round and his head started shaking in the "no!" thing I often see while window shopping....

I shook the rock at him, smiling in the "Oh yeah!" way I do (..when window shopping..) oh, and I was smiling - no the rock...

Anyway, he shook his head more violently than before, so I thought "Well, he certainly doesn't want this little 'ol rock in his big 'ol truck, fer sure..."

Hrumph.. Grumpy Gus...I put it down. So he could see. Made a big deal about it.

I walked around the back of the cabin and saw a smaller version of the rock, which I quickly put into my jeans pocket. AhHa! I have a smooth rock to paint artsy-quotes on! WhooHoo...sneaky me!

When I got back in the truck, Randy told me he had read that to take ANYTHING from the park was a FELONY!! ...( and Randy is a "letter-of-the-law" kind of guy, which is really truly wonderful...really...he never goes one mile over the speed limit...which is, ah........... wonderful...and ..yeah...wonderful... )

So, OK, it was cold outside, the rock was cold to pick up and it was cold in my pocket - UNTIL he told me about the felony-thing. Then it started burning a hole in my pocket - burning GUILT that is...

I felt so bad AND guilty that I couldn't bear to tell him I had STOLEN a small rock (actually a pebble in my mind..) So.. I decided to toss it out the window. Good plan!

One small problem...since it was cold out, the window was up. And, we don't have electronic windows.

Yeppers, the crank kind. The kind you really can't hide that you are rolling down...what with your whole body going around in circles....rollin', rollin', rollin'.....

But I got it down, and tossed out the pebble (OK, rock...)

Randy didn't miss a beat.

"Tossed out that rock in your pocket, huh?..."

Yeah, he's a boy scout-citizen-ship-award-kind of guy.

The thing is, he's right.

I felt sooooo much better.

Can I get a girl-scout award? How about a Brownie award? How about a..............brownie!

So have fun. Don't steal rocks....or pebbles...and get ELECTRONIC windows, for Heaven's sake!

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Oh yeah...there's also Wildlife in Yellowstone!

Along with some really great food, there are some really great animals - some of which I actually did see...

Some I only heard about......sadly......

The elk were prevalent and not afraid of people at all. This one seemed a little off-put that I interrupted her dinner.

I was pretty close..and excited enough to share my bravery with Randy who was in the truck waiting:

Me: Did you see that??!! I was sooooo close to her!!!!

Randy: Yes, but you need to be careful........

Me: I know, I know...but did you see how CLOSE I was??!!! I could've TOUCHED her with my hand!!!! Like 2 inches from her!!

Randy: Well, the literature I read said you must stay at least 25 yards from the animals......

Me: Oh..............yeah....I was probably that far away...........................

( uh huh -like my arms are 25 yards long.....)

The buffalo was in the middle of a Yellowstone traffic jam. Actually, he WAS the Yellowstone traffic jam.

Seems he thought he OWNED the road!

OK, well, he sorta does.... I mean, do you want to argue the point with a 1500 lb. creature?

No, not the overweight park ranger, silly! The BUFFALO!

Oh yeah, the bear wasn't real, if you thought for a moment it was....

OK, so the moose wasn't either....well, the antlers anyway...

WARNING: These photos were taken by a professional on a closed course. Do not attempt this on your own......

Have fun with the wild life where ever you are....and have a fun day!
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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

...and then there was.....

....BIG desserts....

OK, so the ice cream one is not real, but the cake we had (called on the menu "big old chocolate cake") @ The Three Bears Restaurant in West Yellowstone, was real and.........

.... as big as Randy's hand! (notice the 2 forks?...didn't want you to think we were piggies!!!!)

And yes, we do know that even half of that cake is twice as much as anyone needs...)

The little rolls were from Tubby's ( great name, huh? ) Each morning we stopped for their scones - cranberry-orange with orange glaze and pecans..... ............can you see me smiling even now??

We had a picnic lunch in the park everyday... thin sliced salami & provolone on, what else?

Yep, Tubby's rolls. So good! I don't care what you eat, it's always better when eaten outside, huh?

Yeppers, I am a Recreational Eater all right..............

So today, enjoy God's bounty....And split some big 'ol chocolate cake with someone you love....
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