Saturday, October 31, 2009

My friend Betty,,, remember "Joy in Our Lives"- Betty? Well, she's quite a sweetie, you know that, and for my birthday, she arranged for an Amazon gift card for me :-)

I was thrilled. Shopping without guilt..

And I purchased 2 books for Amazon..used. But nor really. Used.

Seems a lot of the times, most in fact to my experience, the "used" Amazon books are publisher's over runs or discontinued and never have been 'used' by anyone.

And what can a book be used for anyway? To hold up the missing leg of a table? To use as weight to press beautiful fall leaves? To throw at an errant lover??

Or used to expand the entertain, to enlighten, to enjoy.

So, even if it was used..that would be OK..

But it wasn't. And that was OK, too.

One of the books I loved, I actually bought new one on of my travels (when I traveled for work - which I don't do now..except the travel to and from work, but that doesn't really you )

Jenny next door makes pies..I think I've told you that previously. If not, Jenny next door makes pies.

So I get this book that sounded good in the description on the cover. And it's everything I great photography.

Liked it so much, I gave it to Jenny-the-pie-maker. For her to enjoy. I knew she would. She is the "pie-maker" after all...

And that felt I gave my book away?? I just gave my book away?? What was I thinking?

Guess I was thinking that she'd enjoy it and I could just get another....and I could know how those things go..

someday..or soon..or if I remember..

So, when I was in a bookstore, and remembered, whether a large chain or an independent bookstore, I would look for it...

..but it was never there...

Well, when Betty's gift came it was the beginning of a great call to action on my part. I happily logged on to Amazon and did a title search. Viola! There is was! Just as I had remembered it! Oh, it hadn't changed at all! Oh Happy Day! Stop using examination points! OK!

So I used my gift card and was able not only to buy that one, but another by the same author about...hold on...
{insert goofy grin} deserts and stories. And family history. And humor. And love. And photos of beautiful, down-home deserts.

Anyway..I'm sharing the title of the books so you can get one and read great stories, see great photography, have fabulous recipes to make.

But I'm not giving you mine...after all, Betty bought it for me :-)

Thanks so much Betty! It's just what I, seriously! It is ..

Friday, October 30, 2009

One should NevEr see ones boss as the BYU Homecoming 'Queen'

..especially if said boss is a ...fuzz-faced-tall-big-footed...GUY!

"Omh my HECK! I so
totally can't believe I won,
you know,like it's totally"

...with heels, painted toes and fingernails, a tiara and a prom dress..and, he' a big time U of U fan (University of Utah- a HUGE rival of BYU!!)

Nah, I asked..he didn't shave...

Can you imagine how hard it was to listen to him in a very serious sales meeting..with the CEO..who DoeSn'T dress up??

Yeah, that hard.

But I thought I share some quick picks and then hit the was an exhausting day...

Caycee - the Cruise Director

Jillian-Mon and
pretty Lady Heather..

It takes a lot of work to look that crappy...and I swear, next year I'm going as something pretty...

..but for now, you'll just have to be satisfied with MissurLouieLa Pew..a French fix-it-man..

Oui, oui Madame..I haf come to fi
x zzzzz pipes....

and of course...

Three buties..uh..well..2 1/2 ?

Scary Brianna for a close up of her incredible make-up that she did this morning by.her.SELF!

Another 2 1/2 pretties?? Uh..more like 1 and 2/16ths

Pretty Lindsay...

Lucy was there...

"House" was in da house...

We had cowboys...

..and of course, Kitty-litter Cake

Hope your Friday was as Freaky as ourszzzzz...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Confessions of an image-aholic... name is Colleen and I'm an image-aholic.."

"Everybody, say 'hi' to Colleen!"

"Hi Colllleeeeeen
..(said with as much enthusiasm as a Basset hound after his walk..)

" now tell us why you're here."

"My constant search for that next cute image, one that I may be able to use in a blog...someday..or may making my computer sick..I think it's starting to hate me"

"What do yo mean sick? And hate is a strong word.."

"Yes, but I've started hiding images..then feverishly looking for them, not remembering what I named them. This is ruining my life..and actually GRRRRRR.. is a strong word, don't you think?? Or SURPRISE!.."

OK, you get the picture, if you'll pardon the expression..{ hahaha.. I crack me up sometimes..}

Do you have tonzzzz folders and files of images and photos ? Clips and ideas? Quote and poems?

I suppose yours are organized, named properly and even backed-up, huh?

Uh-Huh..Maybe you you alphabetize your soups too...but I digress....

I have folders named:


Art Images

Art I like {why would I save art I didn't like??}


...and that has it's own sub-folders...
Blog stuff
Other Stuff
Chubby Stuff {?}
Funny Stuff

Days of the week - Helloooo, do I keep Monday through Sunday in there? Maybe just the weekends? Or the work-week? Hey, if it's the work-week, can I just "delete" that file??


Sketches { are they not the same?} or are 'drawins' more better than plain 'ol sketches?

..this is original...I have Folder 1..then comes Folder 3 Wha?

To Make

To make Someday


Animals....where you're just as likely to find birds..although they technically should have their own folder, don't you think?

and my personal favorite.....
If this is YOUR chicken, I apologize..I have so many photos saved and it's hard to remember when they came into my life..

Chickens I Love... seriously....and no, there's not a single chicken recipe in there..that would be Chicken Dishes I Love..ohh...wait...that may be images of chicken dinnerware...

Old People

Vintage People no, not Village People..although they would certainly get their own folder..

so, file these guys under 'humor'? Or would you call these 'vintage people'? Or are they just 'old people' ?

..and at what age do you go from an 'old people' to a 'vintage people'?

I don't know...maybe I need more memory..and I'm not talking about the computer...

Have a great Friday...and remember.. if a picture is worth a thousand words, just imagine how much computer space I'd need then...


Mind boggling...wonder if I have an image of that...


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

my oh my...

Today I received an award that was so very kind..I just have to share..It's from Just Breathe...

It's the Honest Scrap Award....because as all of you know, I nEVeR embellish, choose which facts are facts and which facts are optional, use creative license ( I didn't even know you needed a license to be creative!) stretch the truth for effect..or..or..

So, I am to say 10 honest things about myself and then pass the award on to seven people. I can't choose just seven of you, so please feel free to have this award and play along!


1. Whenever I see anything like cards, t-shirts, stationary, vintage photos with 3 girls/women I always buy it..usually in 3's ..for my 2 sisters and me..

OK, maybe not so much this one...

2. I once had my photo in Ebony magazine - during the race riots in Chicago, because I was playing dolls with the next door neighbor child..who happened to be African-American..I was 3 years brother got beat up for that. So sad. We moved to Arizona shortly after...not that there's anything wrong with was just the times...

Granddaughter Ella and her very best friend..BFF :-)

3. I lived on a ranch in Tuscon Arizona and used to ride bareback into the grapefruit groves and pick grapefruit and eat them when we got home with Hawaiian Punch concentrate poured on them like syrup..

4. I cried at the Museum of Natural History in Denver when I found out all the cute little animals in the exhibits were once ...alive... When I was in my 30's..yeeeah..I "thought" they were 'stuffed'

No..they're not stuffed! At least, I don' think so...

5. I really have ADD..and I am somewhat dyslexic..

6. If I find a crabby person I take it as a personal duty to make them smile...

7. Sometimes #6 can make me a crabby person if they stay crabby..then I am stuck with making ME smile..

8. The older I get, the more permission I give myself to be:

b-helped as well as helpful
f- tired
g-me !
Mother - in her later "fun" years

9. I like me..I do. I like spending time with me. I don't mind being alone.


After all, I'm my biggest fan....

10. I have never had a lot of "girlfriends"..

...until now! All of you are very special to me and I look forward to being a part of your lives, see inside your homes, admire your talents and being considered your friend :-)

So, that's me. What about you? These little memes can seem so trivial, but they tell a lot about us..maybe to ourselves....