Monday, October 26, 2009

...more spookey stories..

Nothin' says lovin' like somethin' from the coven...

"do you gotta go before we start????"

Nah..I'll wait..

..OK, so it was cold and dark..we've established that

There were about 5 out buildings we all needed to explore, so they split us up into groups..

Jeff, Rachael, Grandma Evelyn, Mr. B and me went with the GrandPooBah of the ghost hunters, Tom, {hi Tom!} a very amiable guy...and a good story teller.

We were in the sheep shearing barn..

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: no animals were hurt in the telling of this story..or in the shearing of sheep for that's like getting a haircut..or shaving your leg....uh..WHOLE body - like "laser hair removal" without the lasers....and the cost..

..and Tom was going on about the things that went on in there...

Jeff, being inquisitive ..and slightly bored I am thinking..was shinning his uber-huge flashlight around when he noticed the exhaust fan in the rafters of the barn..

One of those wind-activated motor. It was spinning. Not too odd, except there was no wind.

Jeff called Tom over who promptly poo-pooed the idea it was anything ghostly. It kept spinning...

Grandma looking a Tom, me looking for the ghost..Mr. B looking for a nap...

He said "OK, so if you are wanting to play...make the fan...stop.."

Tom explaining and me with camera and batteries, phone, gloves, mace, Glock, flashlight, hat, sound recorder, bricks, a rusty gear, a spindle of wool and a Big Mac in my pockets...just kidding about the Big Mac..

It did. SHUT. UP! Yes, it did.

Still not convinced, Tom said, "OK, now start again.."

Oh. My. Heck. It started. Yessireee, it did.

And there were audible gasps from the "oh-so-savvy-non-believers-who-have-no-imagination"...

And Tom.

"OK, now.." says he.."stop it again."

As Captain Crunch is my witness, it stopped..again..

{Insert lots of nervous giggles}
"Now, start again" started!

"Now stop"


Tom asked it he could "turn it the other direction" but this time, "he" didn't.

I figured he had AGADD..{Adult Ghost Attention Deficit Disorder} bored and left..

OK , so if you're keeping score..


Ghost- 1
Non-believers - 0
Elevator..going up?? Yeah, like I'm going to trust that counter-weight...

Another time was a room {Tom didn't disclose which room it was } that had a terrible thing happen to a women and she died.

Some of us went in 'a room' and once inside one of the girls said she was feeling nauseous..another started to step over the threshold, but couldn't go in. No way. Her instincts said not to go in..

When asked later, she said she always listens to her instincts and she had a bad feeling about that room...she felt whatever force was in there, they wanted to keep it to themselves..and she did not want to show disrespect ..

Tom didn't say anything to her, but as we were leaving I asked him if that was "the" room - it was...

So, can't say I'm a true believer, but I feel there may be forces, energies and unknowns that we need to be open to..and respect..and that one smart ghost hunter reminded us all of...

And I truly do believe there are Angels both visible and unseen in our lives..maybe hers was just not wanting her to feel the pain from that room...

OK, that's the end of my ghost hunting tales...gotta stop before I give myself ...



..apparently, this is the red-neck lawn chair used by tired know, after a session of beer and bologna and peanut butter sandwiches..


Just Breathe said...

Thanks for the conclusion of your adventure. Sounds like it was awesome. Love the fan!

Lucy said...

I love old buildings!

Gaston Studio said...

Well, you certainly had a great setting for it! Love that first photo the most.

Anne~fiona and twig said...

That looks like so much fun! I love haunted houses/ghost hunting, a good fright is good for ya every once in awhile.
Best of luck in my giveaway!

Sweet Repose said...

I haven't had a bologna sammie in sooooo long, now I'm drooling...over the mystery meat(whatever)...and mystery fun was had by all...would've liked to been there with yas, we could've had a blast...that is after we tucked Mr. B in for the nap!

Those look like the walls in my afraid!!! And the toilet of the last shop Lorie and I had...ha...eeewwwww!!! NO LIE!!!

Al and I would've been married 25 years on Halloween day...ahhhhh, the memories!

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

I'm a believer!.
But I would have been scared to go into the building.
I'm a big chicken.
Enjoyed your story,
Have a wonderful day,

Life is good! said...

glad it was you not me! a great big fool headed chicken is what i am!

La Dolce Vita with LeAnn said...

Oh Geeze Girl....I can't begin to imagine this adventure! My darling daughter is so into watching ghost stories on TV, sounds like I better hook her up with a tour of Utah's Most Haunted!

Thanks for scaring the begeezers out of us, and glad you are with us to tell of us....Scooby Do to you!

Lindsay Bunker said...

I love your blog!, but especially these halloween stories of ghosts and experiances! I wish SO bad I could have been there! If you GET LUCKY and win again, I am making you take me. xoxo!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Great spooky Halloween Tale!

Happy Halloween, Carrie

p.s. sent you the Cheesy Lemon Bar recipe via email!

All My Yesterdays said...

OH How FUN! Thing is, some of the pictures in that building look like the places we played in when I was a the mining town. BUT we didn't go in them at night....
As for the !GHOSTIES! I have had one live with me...really. Hmmm, maybe that's my next story....Ok, that's where I'm going. Oh, and glad you shared all the fun with us. Hope Mr B got his nap (O:

Laurie said...

You give me the willies! Thanks for sharing though, it was quite entertaining!

diane said...

Weird goings on there. I wouldn't be sure that it is not possible. I had a frightmare the other night about a huge spider.