Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Do you ever....

..start thinking about one thing...and your mind goes on a course that would rival Google maps?

Me too!

I worked late tonight and was just la-te-da driving home when I started thinking about Friday's ghost hunt...

"OK" says me "I am a skeptic..I don't really believe these things..right?"

"Well, you did get pretty freaked out at the Exorcist....and Poltergeist...and Casper for goodness sakes!..remember?? "

Eww, yes. But in the Exorcist..she was "possessed" right?

yeah, so what's our point? { I always talk to me in the plural..just so you know }

Well, hahaha {insert nervous lame-o humor} if it doesn't work with me the first time, I'll need to be REpossessed....hahahaha

Seriously. That's all we've got?

Nooooo... So where does "repossessed" come from anyway, huh? You know, like when you don't pay your car payment and they REpossess your car? That's just stupid.. should totally be UN possessed,'cos you don't POSSESS it anymore..then you could REpossess it when you get it back..

Yeah, I'm not nert novous..I mean... not nervous.

We totally are too.

Yeah, we are..just a little..

And with all the good advice I've been getting here, I've started a shopping list:

1. flashlight
Yeah...right..totally kidding Mr. Paranormal-person-guide..well, maybe not totally...

2. thermos of coffee/hot chocolate {one needs to be alert!}

running shoes
Depends/extra panties
whistle {just in case, like in all my bad dreams, I go to yell and nothing comes out.. but air..}

a cross
a sliver bullet
a wooden wait, what? Isn't that for vampires?

"Heading out on a vampire hunt? Then you’ll surely need one of these handy, authentic vampire slaying kits from the 19th century....includes number of “traditional” tools needed to efficiently dispatch even the most vile of vampires. Hardware could include items like wooden stakes and a mallet, a black powder pistol with silver bullets, holy water, a crucifix, bible and other supposedly holy objects and icons to help ward off evil and hypnotic spells used by vampires."
..that's OK, we'll bring that just in case...

..and chocolate :-)

no booze?

no, we don't drink, duh..

But Mr B, do do do do do do do...oh sorry, I went off on a musical tangent there for a moment...

OK. Thanks. And I'll be right whole night..

I always knew I'd be there for me..


Let's sing this together.."She ain't heavy..she's"


Laurie said...

You crack me up! Looking forward to tomorrows post!

Pearl said...

Harrrrr, Harrrrr oh my gosh you kill me! Women your a saint in your own mind or my mind I'm not sure? You are the only one that can make me laugh like this (oh,did you hear me?)well I heard me and I dam near woke up the house again. There sure getting tired of this and have sworn they will throw my puter out the window if it doesn't stop. I sure wish I lived closer I'd come harass you. Or maybe you might not like that? Just kidding kid, keep em coming!

diane said...

He he he ho ho ho woooooooooH. Do I detect a little hesitance? You will probably give the ghosts a fit of the giggles like you do us. You be careful letting your mind wander while driving or else you might be joining the ghosts.Looking forward to Saturday's post.

All My Yesterdays said...

No no ghost joining allowed! Just ghost *finding*... Love your humor and they will too.
Oh, and just so you know. I talk in the me/we mode also, so I understand that(O:. Good never to be alone, huh?! Have a great day, both of ya..

Karen said...

Sounds like you're all ready. I'd reconsider the liquor though.

Lori R. said...

Put your big girl pants on and head on over to that spooky place! Is Mr. B. going too? I hope they are happy ghosts, ya know, the ones you come in contact with. If not, just tell them a few jokes in your Colleen way, and you will have an audience just like all us bloggy friends. Just make sure you brush them off and don't take any home with you!!! That might not be good!!!

white o'morn cottage said...

Hi Colleen, thanks for your lovely comments on my latest post.
I cracked up at the pic of the ladies who wont be kissed! LOL!

Gaston Studio said...

I love that you talk to yourself in the plural; I have entire conversations with myself all the time... must give your idea a go.

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

I agree with Karen! Sometimes it's a must! haha
Have fun!

Sweet Repose said... are just what I needed this mornin'...your humor gets my juices flowing...and sometimes makes me run for the depends sooner...we have to grab all the gusto while we is short...or long, depending how you look at it!

Thanks for the belly laughs again this AM...I have got to keep those two pics of the beer protesters and consumers...WHAT A HOOT!!!

Love ya...s

Pen Pen said...

Can't wait for you to meet the ghosts... looking forward to THAT post!

La Dolce Vita with LeAnn said...

Girl....where in the heck are you heading? If it's Ogden be prepared cuz they are there! Thanks once again for the smile and laughter that you bring. I can never get enough of your fun! Move over Ellen D....Mrs. B is in the house!

Charmingdesigns said...

just wondering if the guys that want beer are the same ones the girls wont let them kiss I can't wait to hear about you adventure!!
Have a wonderful day.