Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Weird Thought Wednesday..

OK., so as I get older - I seem to notice little things..

Like:  I cover up more.  Not out of some false modesty..but because I don't like seeing some parts of me.  As I age. Get old-er...

Mind you, I am  not complaining about aging so much as the things I need to do to protect myself from my eyes seeing what they see in the mirror....

Like: shoes..closed toed shows even in summer because I don't like the look of my toes. Socks in winter..and summer.

Like: long or at least 3/4 length sleeves.. for my waving-and-giggling upper arms..

Speaking of arms..what the heck is this looking like crepe-paper skin on my arms? Thus..3/4 or long sleeves...

LIKE:"mock" turtle neck shirt I have on.  Hides the "not-so-mock" turkey-waddle neck I do have..but it also makes me appear to NOT have a neck at all..

Like: long pants in the summer...ugly "veryclose" vein removal scars and knee surgery scar..

Like: glasses..both indoor and out..covering my light-sensitive-far farsightedness-light colored eyes...

"Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes don't see as well and you get loose in the joints and very shabby. "But these things don't matter at all, because once you are Real you can't be ugly, except to people who don't understand" The Velveteen Rabbit....

So, the only thing that is left left are my original and still shapely hair which I noticed by looking back at photos has not changed (except in which hair color I am using ) since the 70's...

At this rate..everything I wear is closing in on any of the remaining "me" ..and should I be passing you on the street..'ll recognize me..I'm the one with skinny earlobes and blue-bi-speckled eyes..and  rockin' a totally '70's do ..

Friday, January 17, 2014

Rum-Dum Friday..

Have you ever had just one of "those" days? Where you're awake (sort of) and lucid (sort of) but not totally aware of your surroundings? Yeah..those days. I call the them Rum-Dum days..and, yes, I know how to spell dumb..but that's the whole's dum-days..

So anyway, dreamed last night about re-arranging the furniture in our new little apartment downstairs so it was not actually like living in my mother-in-law's apartment ..making it more our own. It looked my dream..

So, I got about about 5:30 and re-arranged the furniture..(it does look better)sat for a few and had my cuppa.. did a load of clothes, made the bed,took the trash to the curb, got ready for work and packed my lunch. So far, so good, right? I'm awake and preforming tasks..

Drove with very little Friday traffic and was completely aware of my surroundings ..and realized I had driven past my turn-off and was half-way downtown.  Oops.

Parked in my usual spot.  Turned of car. Grabbed my purse and started looking frantically for my keys with the key-fob to get in the building....the same key ring that my car keys are on..that I drove to work with..that I had in my hand..are you seeing the picture?  Thought " Oh crap..I can't get into the building..what am I going to do? Wonder how long it will be before someone comes and I can go in with them?"..all the while holding them in my hand..yeah..

Can you see why I am leery of what the rest of the day holds for me? 

We'll see.  Hopefully I can stay awake until I get home tonight...if I don't pass it and end up in Las Vegas...


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hello Blog....

..I have missed you.  I have been ..well...distracted. know..the normal stuff that gets in the way of, well..sitting down and putting my thoughts down here.

Sometimes, we know what we need to do..and we know what's going to make us feel knowing if you take a long hot shower when you're felling sick, you'll feel sooo much better but you just can't bring yourself to actually get up and do it?'s been like that. 

So, good things..not so good things..changes..all have happened since we were together the last time.

Great-Grandbaby due in July..yay  

Ella Ireland reaching her "double-digit" birthday..can't believe she's 10..

Mother-in-law had a hospital stay resulting in our needing to move into the downstairs apartment and having her move upstairs into our portion of the home..not too bad..getting to like the "pros" of the move and forget the "cons" - peace of mind is everything as far as the worry about her and the steep-older-home-stairs-to-the-basement-apartment-thingy...

Spotted the most magnificent moon this morning - full and round and glowing against the mountain backdrop just before sunrise..wowzer..which, by the much awesome-er than "wow".. 

Braxton loosing the use of his hind legs due to age..poor thing. We have learned to carry up & down stairs, make sure he has rugs to steady himself on..but other than that..he is very young at heart..and happy, too, I think..

Lulu on steroids due to back-disc issues far so good. No pain that we know about..fingers crossed.

Oh..and Gracie has her new metal sides, windows, floors and is awaiting the installation of her cabinets! She's going to be a real beauty!


So, hello old friend and friends who take time from their busy days to read my silly all have been missed. XOXO

- me