Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I apologize..

I've been gone a word.  And not even a note to those who've expressed concern..and that's just plain bad form.  I apologize.

Seems I've been caught up in:

1. Clinical depression.  Yep, my family is prone to this..but this is the longest I can remember having the "blue uglies"..I've really not been the same since my brother's death..never thought it would happen, I guess.  All that Irish humor and heart..

2.  Mr. B and I purchased a 1958 vintage Santa Fe travel trailer that we {he} is restoring..oh, I'll make pretties, but he's doing all the gutting and remodeling..yay us!

3.  I, at the age of 62.5, will be job hunting as we are being laid off in 53 in crappy..

4. Have had vein surgery in both legs so hopefully, no more pain..yay me! {if you are thinking about doing this and they tell you it's not worse than getting a tooth pulled..tell them they need another dentist.  I have a high threshold of pain and it was not nice..but it will be :-)

5. Have missed a month of Zumba {see #4} so that could be in part the reason for #1..

6.  Have pretty much lost interest in my crafting, blogging, TV watching and visiting..but still love Pinterest.  {all those "pins" I will never do..but,  if I do..then I'll know where I put them..}

7.  Have had cravings for drinks and desserts...but I don't drink. soooooo...

8.  Sushi died.  I said a little prayer for his next journey and..flushed.

9. I've missed you all terribly and am ashamed at myself for not getting back with you . 

I apologize.

ps...I will be documenting the trailer re-do soon..and she has a name...Gracie..after our first hummers..