Tuesday, March 31, 2009

While I was "blog-hopping today" I cam across..

..a cute contest where she ( http://dreamincream.blogspot.com/ ) posted a photo and started the caption with "this couple walked into my shop today and..." and you are to write a little story. I read some of the entries and they were great - stories of ghosts, antique selling and such.

But you all know how my mind works...here's the photo and followed by my story..I may not win, but it was a hoot to write...

This couple walked into my shop today and the gentleman (found out later his name is Rolly) asked if we "carried that 'Blue Collar Tour' CD - you know, the one with Larry the Cable guy?"

Then his wife, Ophelia, said she really liked "that Ron White fella better than Larry"

I was surprised to say the least that this couple would have been "into" this kind of comedy - no less they knew what a CD was..

Rolly said their daughter, Tillie, was auditioning for "My Big Redneck Wedding" and he was not all to fond of the location they had picked out for the ceremony- the bowling alley next to the 7-11. Said Tillie was too young to be in that part of the neighborhood, being only 12 and all.

Ophelia said anyone weighing 250+ was able to take care of herself. I had to agree.

We found the CD- then it was off to find the Tostitos and Bean Dip for the reception. I reminded them they really needed wedding cake and they said Tillie had already made one with Twinkies and Gummy bears..To each her own I guess.

Finally they said they were off to the Red Box to rent another Wrestling movie.. said it wasn't the same without the "Rock" anymore. Gotta love that Dwayne..

"Bygones" was all Rolly said. He looked kinda sad..

They were finished and as I wished Tillie luck on the audition.

Ophelia kinda smiled and said "No matter - she's off the farm before pig season - she does like that bacon you know.."

Yep, just another day at the shop. Maybe I should have listened to my parents when, upon learning where I was setting up knitting shop, just shook their heads and mumbled.."location, location"...



Monday, March 30, 2009

One of these things is not like the other...one of these things just doesn't belong....

..remember that song? From Sesame Street??

"One of these things is not like the others,
One of these things just doesn't belong,
Can you tell which thing is not like the others
By the time I finish my song? "

OK, here are the things......and no, I'm not singing..

1. lost teeth

2. drove the car three blocks..backwards

3. no-see-ums...and...

4. shower mix-up

Which one didn't happen today??


Correct! # 2!! Actually, that one I did do..once... a long time ago.....what can you do when your transmission goes out and you're a broke single Mom with no other way home?? Don't judge me..

OK, so back to today..

#1. Ella lost not one, but 2 front teeth yesterday.

Yeppers- those 2 front teeth that did her so well for the past 5 years..

{spoons are highly overrated}

I got the photos today complete with her putting them under the pillow and receiving the "Inflation Adjusted Commodity Requisition Fee"...otherwise known as getting money from the Tooth Fairy..a whopping $5.00 per tooth (lower left central and lower right central to be specific)

2. Yeah, so it was a long time ago...and I was broke..and I was picking the kids up from school..and I did manage to park it right in front of my house. That took some strategic planning, you betcha!

3. I know you call little teeny insects that drive you crazy but you can't see 'em "no see ums" but these that are making me crazy are those chin hairs you can feel but cannot for the life of you see..even with the 5X's magnifying mirror?? But you know they're there? And you know that everyone you know knows they're there..and you can't spot them so you just randomly do swipe-by- tweezings? And when you do finally get one..it's like totally BLACK and why on earth could you NOT see that? Yeah...{heavy sigh}..those are driving me crazy.

4. Yes, well, there have been a few shower mix-ups lately..like not removing my glasses and then wondering why I couldn't see because they were all steamed up? Yeeeah..

The thing is, when you need your glasses as much as I do - it's easy to get products mixed up in the shower..with no glasses and all. Or your glasses fogged up as the case may be..

So, after shampooing my hair, I thought I was reaching for my Dove {lovely} body wash..same size bottle as the shampoo and white. Just like the shampoo bottle...

I'm happy to let you know I have no dandruff on my Head & Shoulders, on my back, arms, legs or torso. My feet are completely manageable and squeaky clean. The luster and sheen on my tangle-free arms is awesome. And no pesky flaking. My entire body has "body & bounce"..

So, I want to leave you with a little thought...

Boycott Sham-poo. Demand REAL poo!


Sunday, March 29, 2009

..a pear... a pair...and a pair..

Have you ever craved certain fruits? I'm not big on some of the "favorites" of most people:

1. Strawberries - too tart..but I love strawberry jam. And strawberry ice cream. And shakes, don't forget shakes..

2. Oranges - Love the good ones, sweet and juicy. But you never know what you're going to get..and most of the time I get disappointed..so I guess I do know what I'm going to get...Don't like to drink orange juice - too many calories for something I haven't eaten..

3. Apples - eh- they're OK..I like 'em covered in caramel..Good crisp ones that have flavor would be good - I don't know what it is, but it seems all of the ones I have tasted lately are like crunchy water..

4. Bananas - they're OK in small portions - or in things....or under things....like...ice cream.. and 3 kinds of syrup..or with peanut butter..

But I have been really enjoying pears. Been cutting them up and putting them in Greek yogurt with a little Splena...very yummy.

And I like blueberries. And cantaloupe but I like honeydew better..watermelon is getting better - never much liked it when I was a kid..

So, right now it's pears. They do bruise easily and they ripen quickly -but when you get a good one...whoohoo..you've really got something.

Oh, and I made a pair of new necklaces. This one is a washer..imagine that..but I thought it would be cute and kinda retro..and..a pair of cherries!..yet another fruit I'm not crazy about.
To eat.
Love it in decorating...

This one is plastic. Inked. I'm so-so on this one. But they're fun to do..

Well, the laundry's done, I'm showered, the pups have been walked and I'm reading a new book. Guess I'll call it a night and hope we'll have a commute with no snow tomorrow. Have a safe day where ever you are and thanks for stopping by..
image by Penny Black..

ps...Lulu & Braxton are the other pair..and they say..."good night, sleep tight.."

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday....in the park....I think it was the fourth of Jul....uh..28th of March..

...somehow, it's not as good as when Chicago sang it. Hmm..

And I wasn't even in the park today. I am so lame.

But I did a teensy bit of thrifting and made more domino necklaces..

I have had a thing for mis-matched red plates ever since I saw the collection a while back that Cherry Hill Cottage has...http://cherryhillcottage.typepad.com/cherryhill_cottage/

Do you remember these fat pitchers? I think I had one like this in the 70's..but I thought since we {usually} have lemon water when we have a dinner party - that this would be great for the table..a few lemon slices floating...

This is the cute little inside of a bird-topped little ceramic thingy I bought to hold my ring when I do "stuff"....you know..that I would'nt want my ring on for..you know..like dishes..or hair gel..

Isn't it cute? And this little weird frame..looks kinda western....or weird.."Western Weird"..has a certain ring to it..

Ta-Da! Today's haul..a total of $4.75...

OK, so you remember those screens I was whining about? The ones you finally told me to just go ask for??

Well, here's what I did with the smaller of the two (which became..uh..actually..6..)..I went back...

I'm going to hang this on my wall for my necklaces. Picked up some "s" hooks ..little ones..and they will hold the danglers.

No, didn't paint them..rub-ons!

Who are these people???

The little dog looked like a newspaper-boy with his hat..so I did the background in newspaper...

I think I'll call this one "Bird on a Wire"..except it's a branch.

Yep, more rub-ons. "The lazy persons way to good art.."

So, all in all had a great day. Lunch with Mr. B at Cafe Rio, diner of Mr. B's veggies (don't worry - he has M&M's, his Mother's home-made peach-berry pie and chips and con queso..)

I think I'll take some Tums for him..I think my tummy aches...


Friday, March 27, 2009

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...and other random thoughts..

So, it's Friday night..and I have silly thought and weird questions..

1. What were the names of the sons and the father on My Three Sons? I know there was Chip and Ernie and Uncle Charlie...but what about the other son and the Dad?

2. Proof positive of where babies come from...the mailman.

3. Is it a tree? A flower? Nope. Grape stems..pretty in this beholder's eyes..

4. Oh yeah..we're chicken-sittin' next week. We'll get to see Ophelia and Eve and I'm going to try to get some photos...and eggs.

5. OK, so ..go out and have LOADS of fun! Just look at these two - Sha-boom-sha-boom...


6. Or...you could get dressed up....
Put on your best make-up...
And dance!

(House-Mouse designs)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's Thursday all right..but it could be Wednesday..or even Tuesday..

..but not Friday...'cos I'd never forget if it was FrIDaY!

A new Pay It Forward (otherwise known as a PIF ) and an older post - because today is quite the same as yesterday and, well, I'm just not feeling it tonight...

So I went looking for old posts again BBB (before blogging buddies) were reading them and found this one and it made me smile...

...but first...I have another opportunity to participate in Pay It Forward thanks to Karin at http://perfectlittlemiracle.blogspot.com

(lookie at this cute graphic! Can you see the one person starting it then the others then the others..clever, huh?!)

If you also want to join in, but haven't had the opportunity to yet or you want to enjoy the fun once again, then this invitation is for you!

Here's how Pay It Forward works:

I've signed up with Karin at http://perfectlittlemiracle.blogspot.com and committed to send the next 3 people who sign up here with me on my blog a handmade item and goodie package within 365 days.

By accepting my invitation, YOU agree to Pay it Forward to the next 3 people who sign up with you (on your blog) and send them something within 365 days. (I love that time frame)

Want to join the fun and Pay It Forward?

I'd love to have you sign up with me!!

Please leave a contact email so I can confirm the details with you.

Let's keep the PIF going strong!

(the above was copied and pasted from Karin's blog - because , well, I was too lazy to write one myself and hey, it's good.)

And now...........................

Drum roll please!!!!!!

It's time for the First Annual Sullivan-Lyke-Blake- Lopez Family look-alike contest....

In the male category:

Mr. B and Al from Tool Time:

My brother Larry and Lee Marvin:

And let's not forget Little Emily and Lyle Lovitt: (!)

Speaking of little girls, how about Ella and the Gerber baby:

OK, so there's time for ONE more.......
Mimi and ..........??????

Maybe just one more that might be a little more flattering to me....uh....I mean the person next to Mimi....yeah, that's it...that girl...

So, who do you look like?? Oh, and by the way, I did that thingy on FaceBook "Who Do You Look Like" and I was told I looked like....Warren Buffet! Took it 4 times before it said I looked liked the Partridge Family Mom - what's-her-name...

I hate FaceBook...


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Are the hours shorter in here..or is it just me??

Boy - time on the computer can really get away from me. When I'm trying out a new thing, or visiting new blogs, or reading emails, time just goes...ppffft..

Feels like I've been at it for, oh, about an hour. Then I look up to see it's been ..3 hours.

I love it and I hate it. I have been trying most of my life to find a better use for my sleeping hours- such time that I could be using elsewhere..

..but I do love to sleep..
..but I don't want to waste time..
..but I need to sleep..
..but I want to create...
..but there aren't enough hours to do it all..
..but the great artists/minds/inventors/poets/writers had the exact same number of hours in their days...

Yeah..I think it's time to go to bed..to waste another few hours that I could be creating, crafting, reading, writing.....SLEEPING..

(can you tell I'm tired today..waa waa)


Second-hand clocks!! Get it!!?? Oh, I crack myself up sometimes..