Saturday, March 7, 2009

Whatcha doo - in'???

..nuttin' Honey.

Yep, it was that kind of day around here. I think we need an "Activity Stimulus Package"..

Regular housekeeping stuff..then walking with the pups..Oh!Oh! I spotted these great green old fashioned screens from windows..with big squares of screen - like bigger than the wire mesh...hard to describe..a clothes pin would fit and work really really great to hold "stuff" in it..but they were ALMOST at the curb...not...quite..all the way..

The couple, whom I don't really know except I've been to their yard sales before ..this house is like 3 blocks from ours, so I don't want you to think we don't know our neighbors..just not the far neighbors....anyway, they are doing what appears to be some remodeling and have a pile of "stuff" in their side yard, facing the street.

There are 2 doors actually in the curb (we have a big "stuff" pick up from the city soon) but I don't want the doors...I want the window screens...

And I don't want to just tromp into their yard and...take them.. {the screens..not the neighbors..the one's I don't know too well} ..just the screens...

So I wrote a sticky-note and said "if you are NOT planning on using the screens, I'd like them for a craft project.." and put my name , address and phone number and stuck the sticky note on an exposed nail in one of the screens, hoping they would see this pink sticky note and call me..

They didn't.

So, maybe on tomorrow's walk, I knock on the door and ask..if I get up the nerve..I mean, what if they saw the note and thought "Nut"..


OK, so about a year and a half ago a friend {thanks, Heather!} gave me a card making kit and I never really looked at it all that much. Tonight while we were watching a movie, I took it out and made a few. There are a lot more types and each type makes 4 to 8 cards depending on the supplies. I thought they looked kinda cute..more to come later.

The pups pooped out after we played a rousing game of "Big Brown Bear"..that's me when I wrestle with their squeaky toys.

And them. I don't just wrestle with the squeaky toys..the dogs too.

I always say "Here I come, I'm the Big Brown Bear..and I'm gunna getcha right-in-there!" They get all excited and bring me toys to play tug-of-war..sometimes they let me win.............. not all the time though..

Lulu is certainly a "Daddy's girl" which is OK 'cos Braxton is a real Mama's boy. Kinda like that song.. "Tea For Two".."a girl for me and a boy for you"..I think may have been talking about kids..

Silly, silly songwriters!

So it goes for another wild Saturday night on Main Street.

Hope your day was as wonderful :-)



Betty said...

Oh, what adorable pictures of the pups! I hope your 'nearly neighbors' see your sign and call you. Maybe they just didn't go to that side of the house yesterday. Surely, they would love for you to have the screens. And, probably want to see the project once you've finished it. Good luck!

Lucy said...

Aww heck...just go up and ask them for it. What would they care. Unless the really l.o.v.e. to give good junk to the city. :)

Vee said...

Hope that you get those screens!

Heather said...

so cute those pups of yours! i hope you get those screens!

madrekarin said...

Be brave! Go ask them for the screens. Maybe they didn't see the note. Maybe it blew away. Maybe they thought,"Hmmm, if Colleen thinks these are so cool, maybe we need to hang onto them." Oh, that would be sad.
I hope that you get them. And then show us what you created, of course!
Have a happy Sunday. :)

Charmingdesigns said...

My momma always said..."all they can do is say no" So go up there and ask for those ol screens. We want to see what you do with them!! Laurie

Charmingdesigns said...

After hours and hours all of a sudden momma decided she loved her babies after all...thank goodness

Utah Grammie said...

Yeah! And for those who haven
t read Laurie's last post on her darling blog - a sheep had 2 labs that she wouldn't take care and it appears now she is!!

Sweet Repose said...

Ahhh...big garbage pick-up, an event to make you drool. Put on the camo work clothes and gloves, wire cutters in pocket, hat on to keep hair out of eyes, full tank of gas and wheeler for quick get away for the big stuff.

Now yer talkin' big event and big fun as trashers from all around crawl out of the woodwork and jockey for position in long lines of non-city workers pickin' and a grinnin'...only in America, the throw away capital of the world...move over...comin through.

Last year I did a u-e in the middle of the street, backing into a nice driveway, downed the tail gate a heaved a to-die-for stripped Victorian chest into the back of the truck all by myself...I had the strength of Hercules, get outta my way!!!


La Dolce Vita with LeAnn said...

Good Luck with the screens...after they let you have them, I'm sure a crafty card will be nailed to their trash pile. Aren't pups the best!

Mary said...

Hope you get your screens! Maybe tonight you could sneek up and take them in the! Sounds like a quiet weekend which isn't all bad. Have a good Monday!

diane said...

Love the cards. Yep. If it is for the city pick up, you are part of the city so you can pick it up yourself. It happens here all the time. Stuff always diappears before the pick up. If some one else can use it ......thats good.

Shari said...

Our Saturday nights sound almost as exciting as yours! But, ya know, I sort of like our hum drum life!

Your pups are just the sweetest! Hope you get your screens. It nevers hurts to ask.

Heather said...

Glad you were able to use the cards! hope they helped your entertainment factor just a little bit! I am no Obama but I definitely think I bring something to the table! ha ha

Miss you darling! Give kids kisses for me! (the pups that is) and say hello to Mr. B for me!

love ya!