Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Domino Effect...

..yes, I've been playing with dominoes..not playing dominoes...but with...

(domino looks like it's spelled correctly...but dominoes looks weird, doesn't it??)..oh well.

I'm trying to make some simple necklaces and mind you - these are just the firsts..and the firsts are always crummy - like the first pancake, the first cookie off the sheet, first oil painting..first job..... you get it..the first anything.. (crummy firsts do not count in children..just to be clear..)

I am decoupaging some and have stamped some - but I think I like the decoupage better. I found these neat clasp-cord-holder-oner-thingys (don't know what they're called) but they make for some pretty easy necklace holders..

So, you just find some good images - these were on vellum..and decoupage - viola!

This one was stamped..

I'm not crazy about the stamped ones yet..I need to be more colorful and the right-hand side is dubbed up a little..

But I do like making them and am getting to like wearing necklaces since Rachael has made me such beautiful ones..I could never compete with her's - she uses many different types of beads and jewels and they are amazing..but my eyes won't let me do that small of work anymore.

I will find some more velvet ribbon to go around the edges and maybe some sort of dangly-thingy for the bottom - but they are fast & fun..

Braxton got his in-between-clipping from Mr. B tonight - after their walk in the rain. Lulu just sat and watched this time. She was worried the whole time he was on the table. Poor baby. She would have been such a good mother..

Another Monday is fast approaching - a new chance to have a great week.

Don't mess this one up - OK?

-me :-)


madrekarin said...

Cute! I like the stamped one. (And I did not even notice the right side imperfection until you said something!) You have to love quick and easy art projects.
Hope you have a great week!!

Vee said...

"Don't mess this one up" mean the way I messed up the last one?

You are doing such lovely work. I like both types of necklaces. It looks as if it would be a lot of fun just to see all the variety.

Glad that you clarified that bit about crummy firsts. For me, the worst crummy first is the first piece of's always a wreck.

(That would be a Weight Watcher's pie, of course.)

Sweet Repose said...

Is Mr.B. looking for a part time job??? They have some wonderful male groomers you know...ha!

Love the necklaces, what a cool idea, flaws and all...I know I look back on my firsts and think..."what was I thinking"...but they do get go girl!


Karen said...

I actually like the stamped ones better than the decoupage ones but both are a great idea.

Heather said...

very cute necklaces! what a great idea! your dog is so cute!

white o'morn cottage said...

Mr B is a treasure - imagine he can groom dogs as well as cook and makeover back gardens. His blood is worth bottling!

Pearl said...

Your Braxton has the most beautiful colorings, and soulful eyes. Also I love the domino necklaces, I have made them in the past and I'm really liking your vellum ones. How do you say..YUMMO!!! I will have to definately try those out. Thanks for the idea.

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

Very neat necklaces!!


Pen Pen said...

The stamped one was my favorite. Funny, that after you posted this, I found a rubber stamp magazine at the thrift store... had a section on stamping dominoes! It was fun to see the different projects. Ps... Braxton is adorable... looks so much like my little Butterbean!

Laurie and Chris said...

I love your necklaces. The dominos are a great shape.

Betty said...

Braxton is so adorable...but, I've said that many times before, haven't I?

Wow, the domino necklace idea is too cute! Maybe I'll try something like that as soon as our new Michael's opens (getting close)...they would probably have all the stuff I would need, eh? You are doing such fun things!