Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Word..just words...

..but with a completely different meaning!

OK, so I'm at my new place of work- not new job - just location. The location is actually sharing an office space (a very large office space) with a research foundation. A "sister company" - under the same umbrella and founder.

We're a separate company - us being customer-based and offering a "product" for sale. They are strictly scientific and research-based.

So, there will be some corporate adjustments between our company and the foundation. All of what I've experienced so far has been great - yesterday's "Pot O'Luck" for St. Patrick's day..the meet & greet of last week...the general kindness for a new group sort of "invading" their space..

Even the combining of 2 kitchens worth of food and various lunch-time apparatus has gone off pretty much without a hitch.

Now, you must remember I have been used to working primarily with men- computer and IT wizards that seem to speak another language, and one that I was, if not completely understanding, sometimes grasping the meaning of. They did not make the move. Another separate company..long story..

It's a change now working with women- primarily - although with the combining of offices the disparity between the sexes looks like it's pretty much evened out..

So, when the young receptionist from the foundation, who sits in close proximity to me, came in and said "It's tee time!"...I was naturally thinking about all the guys at the other building that putted in the office - between cubicles ..and down long stretches of hallways..
("Excuse me..playing through" while I lifted my feet...)

So I said..."Oh thanks..but I don't play. Never learned. Nether my Dad or my brother played. My husband doesn't either. None of them would look good in those funny plaid pants anyway."


"The other guys used to all the time, but I never learned. But thanks anyway.."


"Golf..... you know.. the whole "Tee time" and all..."

" it's Tea Time here."

"OOOOh..yeeeah, why yes, I'd love to..thanks."

Yeppers. Words. Just words. Worlds-of-difference-words..but just words..

Better get used to parties meaning salads and tofu and tea instead of pizzas and subs and Red Bulls...



Pen Pen said...

LOL on tea time. I'd much rather have tea than have to go "tee off"... what a hoot!

Karen said...

What a strange turn of events. I'll be interested to hear whether you like working with men or women better.

Lucy said...

Men and their toys. :) You might like it better here.

Vee said...

Sounds as if it would be something rather easily become used to...may it be an absolutely wonderful place to be!

Charmingdesigns said...

Nothing like a bit of misunderstanding LOL Hope you had a wonder TEA time! laurie

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

What a hoot! and for sure a mix on words. I'm with you Tea for me, since my husband does play golf, tee for him.
You are so funny.
Enjoy your day,

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

Tea time! I love tea :)


Kim~HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs said...

Enjoy your Tea Time!!!

I found a few things on my thrifting adventure today...I'll be posting about them soon.
Have a great day, Colleen.

Heather said...

lol, that's too funny! i too used to work with a bunch of men and it's so funny how men use the same language as women but it's totally something different! so you are no longer in the kitchen then?

debi @ life in my studio said...

hahaha That's funny!! Enjoy your new 'tea' times with the girls!

Shari said...

How funny! I had a couple of jobs years ago where I was working mostly with guys. Those were my favorite jobs, so much less gossip and more harmless fun! Wonder if you'll miss the boys?