Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Eyebrows...again..but not a re-run..

Can you believe my life's story can contain 2 postings about my...eyebrows??

Me neither....


..but here we are.

I mean, ever since I lost them to chemo a l-o-n-g time ago (yay!) I never realized how important they were..you know ...aesthetically and all...

Kinda like a frame on a picture..a piece of art...a frame adds to the beauty of the art.....except....

Oh! Oh! ...have you seen some of the new art, on just the stretched canvases? They look really really cute.....the canvases ...not the eyebrows..WAIT! If my face was like stretched canvas................naw....that'd be too Joan Rivers..

Anyway, when they grew back, they came in very thinly..that sounds funny "very thinly" maybe it should be "very thin.." (..ly..coundn't help myself..)


OK, back to my eyebrows....

I told Mr. B just the other night..."I'm having an eyebrow crisis..."

Mr. B: "what??"

Me: "an EYEBROW crisis!!"

Mr. B: "what's the problem?"

Me: "If I draw them on, I end looking like Groucho Marx...

..if I leave them alone, don't use anything on them, I look like an alien..or like in Gray's Anatomy, when whats-her-face was going to get married to Burke and her Mother shaved off her eyebrows, remember??

"Mama took my eyebrows...and now I'm a Burke."

Mr. B: "They're fine.."

Me: "Which way..........Groucho or Alien....or Christina Yang????"

Mr. B: "Huh..sorry..I wasn't listening..."

Oh brother.

We lived next door to an older woman once - sweetest thing..she was getting a little senile and her eyesight wasn't what it once was..one day when I went to check on her, she answered the door all fixed up and pretty, jewelry on, hair curls and the brightest, reddest lipstick penciled eyebrows you ever saw.

Must have had someone give her a lip liner that she mistook for an eyebrow pencil.

It was a bit shocking..like in Fried Green Tomatoes when Ninny Threadgoode (Jessica Tandy) dies her hair purple and Evelyn Couch (Kathy Bates) is surprised...

....all I could say is "Wow, Mrs. Hollingsworth, you look...pretty today!"

Didn't have the nerve to tell her - didn't want her to be embarrassed or to hurt her feelings and I knew I would probably be the only visitor..

Ah well...the problems of the world aside, my eyebrows once again garnered a posting in the memories of my time on........... Main Street, USA.

Go figure.



diane said...

Ha ha ha what can I say. How can anyone make a comical blog about eyebrows, only you. I grinned at Mr B not listening...do any males?You asked me if BB was always happy. I must admit he is a happy soul (most of the time, sometimes he is a Mr Grumpy...aren't they all?)Considering he has had some major health issues he has a remakable ability to get over it and laugh, which I think helps him keep going.

PJ's talking2.... said...

Enjoying your blog. Love your writing. Got to read some more. ~PJ

Coleen said...

ohhhhhh...this is a good one!!!!...I have the opposite problem...I pluck mine everyday....or i would look like Groucho!!! or as the young ones say...caterpillar eyebrows!!

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Very Funny. I know what you mean about eyebrows, my sister n law shaved, yes shaved hers off in the 60's when it was the thing to paint them on. Well they never grow back the same and she is still painting them on. Another friend of mine plucked so many of hers out the same thing they did not grow back so she had them tattooed on. Silly girls all to be beautiful.
Have a wonderful day,

Sweet Repose said...

What...you mean I actually have to do something with them...? That means I must have to shave my under arms and legs too, right.

Life was so much better back in the 70's when we were young and let it all hang out...ahhh the hippy days.

There is one advantage to being OUR age and living alone like a hermit...people think you're weird or gay, so they leave you alone and don't question anything, my daughter gave up on me.


Vee said...

You missed your calling, Utah Grammie. You should be on stage somewhere. Oh my, I love my time here!

Julie said...

Have you ever noticed that Whoopi Goldberg has no eyebrows? At least for awhile (too lazy to google her).