Monday, March 9, 2009

This is a plea for P.U.T.S.....

Otherwise know as................

Please Use Turn Signals
(originally written in November of 2007- but no one was visiting is, and by the way..I still feel strongly..and I still don't see people using their they cost extra on all those big 'ol SUV's??)

As I discovered while researching for this entry, spurned on by my nightly commute and the frustration therein, using turn signals is NOT OPTIONAL...

Exhibit 1:
"The California Legislature has determined that driving is a privilege, not a right. As such, drivers must follow the rules and guidelines that have been enacted into law. One of these rules (since the late 1950s) is the use of turn signals to indicate your intention to make a movement on the road, street or highway. It's only fair to let other drivers know what you would like to do. (The situation is virtually the same in all other states and commonwealths, although the code sections are different, of course.) "

Exhibit 2:As found in a "Good Citizen" handbook, virtually every wheeled vehicle is required to use signals:

And that got me thinking.........

About the only people I see use them are the ones who leave them on indefinitely.

Going on and on for miles, while we're afraid to make a move because we aren't really certain which way they're going, if anywhere at all.

I guess they ARE turning...eventually..

It's not that much to ask, you know.

Like when I'm waiting to make a left, waiting for the lone car down the road to pass me so I can safely turn... He knows I am waiting for him to pass - I have my signal on...

Then about a millimeter before he actually drives by me, he turns right.

I waited for nothing. I can't even make a face at him because he's now driving happily in the other direction.

School buses let you know when and in which direction they are turning or pulling over.

(This one could be fun if you clicked it back and forth really really fast.........)

One thing I've noticed is, if we do use the signals, we clearly show if we're going right. Or left.

But what about U-turns???

I think we need a signal for that. It would make my life my easier I know, by golly.

I would no longer rush to make that left on the green arrow, preceded by what I think is
another left-turner, only to find out they're doing a U-turn and have to slow WAY down to make it tight.


We have cars with heated seats. Video screens. Tables. Taking maps. Temperature readouts.

Hands-free phones. Chilled glove boxes. Lighted make-up mirrors (even over the drivers side, which I find quite odd.....and a wee bit dangerous...)

5-disc players with remote controls. (Seriously, how far would you have to reach to turn it on yourself, buddy...)

But we have NO WAY of knowing if someone is making a U-turn.......

What's up with that??

I want to invent the very first U-turn signal.

It could be this cute arrow-thingy that lights up just above the tail lights. In a ....."U"..!

I think it would work. I think I'll write to some car designers..


So, phuleeze....... use your signals.

That way, you can read more blogs instead of having to explain to St. Peter you didn't "indicate
your intention"......



JapaneseKeane said...

I think using such a signal when we ride a bike is so difficult task!! haha :-)

WILBO43 said...

It makes a lot of sense. Or a bike rider wanting to do a U-Turn could make a swirling motion with his/her left (USA) or right (AUS) hand indicating their intention

Lucy said...

Try living in Mesa and having someone in the left hand turn lane decide to make a right turn anyway no matter who is ready to go straight when the light turns green. But his signal was on.

madrekarin said...

Ah, I live in the land of "Why use a turn signal when zooming across traffic unexpectedly is much more fun?" Atlanta traffic is trecherous enough, but when the weather turns nice- watch out! Every idiot in town is on the road, and they clearly have no sense of direction or they would let you know they are going to turn!!
You have definitely hit a nerve and it appears to be my last one! lol

Vee said...

Good rerun! Loved the line about "no one was reading then." This does give me the idea that I must make an evening of your blog some fine day. I'll wait until I'm good and depressed because I know that it will be the best tonic.

diane said...

Yep we have 'em too. Those who don't indicate. Our latest bitch is people driving and texting at the same time sheeese.

Neabear said...

I remember one time when I was sitting at a stop sign waiting to turn left. A car is coming on my left with the right turn signal on. So I start to pull out thinking the person is turning into the street I was pulling out of. Fortunately I realized just in time that she was not going to turn there. She had the gall to give me a dirty look. My thought was "Hey lady it was your turn signal going! I thought you were turning RIGHT!" I often wonder if she ever realized that was why I thought she was turning there.

Betty said...

Yep, I've been behind, along side and in front of these drivers. Hopefully, I haven't actually BEEN one of them. Guess some folks think the turn signals are like the cigarette lighter...just another option which you may or may not want to use.

Great time in Vegas; Kathy and Jamie say, "hi".