Friday, March 20, 2009

Something wierd to think about..

(as if that'd surprise you from me..)

...this post is all about....bras. to me..and I can't say I miss them all that much.

I remember my very first experience with the bra...

Mother took me to Sears..then she took a bra that she thought would be the right size and ...she ...held it up to my chest as if "fitting" it on me...right there in the store..on the sales floor!!

I don't think I could spell "mortified" then but that's what I was at that moment.

Ah yes...childhood memories..

Then all through high school, I remember how totally uncomfortable a bra was. I thought I would nEVeR get used to wearing one, and I guess I really never did..

Remember the old "rule" for going bra-less in the 60's?? If you could hold a pencil under your boob and it did not should NOT go bra-less..

I could hold a Volkswagen..

Got one word for you...underwires.. Oh. My. Heck....the wire would start to come through the fabric and actually stab you all day...or until you could get to the ladies room where you could pull out the wire...and walk out with one perky and one droopy..and try to act as if all were good with the world..

I remember after the birth of my first child..I was in bliss...I felt good, was happy, had a beautiful daughter. I slept the first night (this is when they kept you for 3 days in the hospital) and on the second morning..I remember waking up feeling a bit "soggy"..I had been sleeping on my side..and I looked at my arm, which was up in the air...sort of...and I was thinking...

"What the heck??"

"Oh goodie! The boob-fairy came!"

But that didn't last long..and you know what they say about a full balloon - when the air is let out, the balloon will never be the same...

So, when I saw these various photos and rubber stamps images (from Penny Black) I couldn't resist..

Now, you know I love animals, right? And that includes this may be the perfect thing for me - I mean with all the water, I don't need the "real things" right??

So here are a couple of ideas for all those bras we end up with...

1. A purse:

2. A hammock:
So, here's to you and here's to me and here's to all the udders...

(OK, baaaaad, I know..)

Well, have a fun week-end and don;t take anything too seriously..after all, they're just...bras.



Laurie and Chris said...

Oh my goodness!! That is to funny! I love the fish bra. Very cute post!

Lucy said...

Oh come's 5:54 a.m. I can't laugh that hard this early. I don't think I ever heard of the 'pencil test' although something does ring a bell about it. But I sure remember a couple of funny ones about those blessed little things. Especially one joke but all I can remember is the punch line. LOL!

Heather said...

the hammock one cracked me up! lol.

Shari said...

Colleen, you always get me laughing hard! Love that goldfish tank bra! And the cow thing was udderly funny! ha-ha couldn't resist!

Funny to remember the liberated women bra-burning days. Remember when Margo Thomas started going bra-less on That Girl. What a scandal!

When we lived in town a few years ago there was a woman who would have failed the pencil test who always ran all over town bra-less. Definitely one of those "look at me, look at me!!" joggers. I was afraid she really might knock herself out, literally! It was most entertaining to watch the guys watch her run by!

diane said...

You are so funny!It is like having a pep pill coming to your blog.I was never big enough to wear a bra when I was young. I had to fill them with tissues. I loved being pregnant and breast feeding as I almost found a cleavage but after that it was back to flat.

Sister Robbins said...

I was checking out blogs and you know how you just keep clicking around and now you don't know how you got where you are!?! Well, I was lucky and found your blog.
How truly funny this entry is, I am also one of those "industrial strength bra" wearers. The underwire part reminded me of one time when DH and I were in Barnes and Noble and the underwire came through the seam in the front. By the time I noticed there was no shoving back in, so I pulled it out. Now, what to do with it? I couldn't just carry it around, someone might notice. I couldn't put it in my purse, because I left it in the car. Then an idea came into my head.... I reached up and put it on top of a bookshelf. I figured it would be a while before someone found it, and they probably wouldn't know what it
Have a Lovely Day~
aka: Utah Grammy in Ohio