Thursday, January 16, 2014

Hello Blog....

..I have missed you.  I have been ..well...distracted. know..the normal stuff that gets in the way of, well..sitting down and putting my thoughts down here.

Sometimes, we know what we need to do..and we know what's going to make us feel knowing if you take a long hot shower when you're felling sick, you'll feel sooo much better but you just can't bring yourself to actually get up and do it?'s been like that. 

So, good things..not so good things..changes..all have happened since we were together the last time.

Great-Grandbaby due in July..yay  

Ella Ireland reaching her "double-digit" birthday..can't believe she's 10..

Mother-in-law had a hospital stay resulting in our needing to move into the downstairs apartment and having her move upstairs into our portion of the home..not too bad..getting to like the "pros" of the move and forget the "cons" - peace of mind is everything as far as the worry about her and the steep-older-home-stairs-to-the-basement-apartment-thingy...

Spotted the most magnificent moon this morning - full and round and glowing against the mountain backdrop just before sunrise..wowzer..which, by the much awesome-er than "wow".. 

Braxton loosing the use of his hind legs due to age..poor thing. We have learned to carry up & down stairs, make sure he has rugs to steady himself on..but other than that..he is very young at heart..and happy, too, I think..

Lulu on steroids due to back-disc issues far so good. No pain that we know about..fingers crossed.

Oh..and Gracie has her new metal sides, windows, floors and is awaiting the installation of her cabinets! She's going to be a real beauty!


So, hello old friend and friends who take time from their busy days to read my silly all have been missed. XOXO

- me


wendy said...

Colleen Welcome back, I've missed reading your blogs!! I too am back after some time off. Glad to hear from you again!!!!!

Little Penpen said...

Hey You! I've spotted you a time or two on Pinterest. Glad to see you here again. Sorry about Braxton and his legs; we've been through something similar with our Butterbean two times already. :((

Karen said...

Here's hoping you're back to stay. I missed you!

Laurie said...

It's so good to have you back Colleen! It's been great seeing you on Facebook, but having you back on your blog is the topping on the cake!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

So nice to see you here. I see you on Pinterest all the time! Keeping you pups in my prayers.

Ming said...

Missed you, glad you're back... just as I am taking a sabbatical and took mine down... funny how things work out.

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

I love your blog, your facebook posts and your pinterest pins! I need to get back to blogging too. Facebook and Pinterest distracted me as well and I want to get back to that happy place and soon!