Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Twesday Toy-let Tawk..

I've got to post in between my thoughts while in the Lady's room..

Anyway, another day..another stall..another thought.

We have a new toilet in the 3rd stall by the wall..and it really flushes! Like..SWOOOOSH..

{not our actual stalls}

Which as is really good thing 'cos for a while we had to do the whole "hold-the-handle-down-jiggle-the-flusher" thingy..

{not the actual 3rd stall seat..}

And some people get anxious the leave...

..and when one "drops the kids off at the pool" should really stay long enough to say good-bye..or at least to see that they've gone...gone..g.o.n.e. Geesh..


{not our actual employees}

Anyway..I'm off track.  So I'm enjoying the new potty, not only for it's tremendous swooshing-power, but because it's a little higher ..and I can swing my feet.  Doesn't take much I guess, huh?

{not me..but totally cute, right??}

So, while sitting and swinging..I look up at the only window in the room, in stall 3.. at the end of the wall..

And I think..."If  I need to escape, I can probably fit through the window..maybe.  It is a little high..and looks to be.. thick..

"So what do they use to break the window to escape the murderer" I asks me-self..

Looking around all I see is the toilet thin..then the icky-plunger-thingy..not strong enough.

Hmmmm..I think I may have to use the tank top..not like a tank top  from the 80's, silly.  The top of the  tank thingy..strong..cold..ceramic???

OK..I may have to think this one out a bit further.

In the meantime, I must work on being "bathroom-window-escape" size..

Wish me luck.


PS..this has nothing to do with this blog, but I  kinda like it..wonder .."is it available on Kindle??"


Pearl said...

Only you can come up with funny bathroom humor Colleen, good lord they have a book for everything! Hugs, Pearl

Karen said...

Sometimes.....inside-the-head thoughts should stay inside the head! LOL!!!

Pen Pen said...

You are so funny.... I hope you enjoy the new stall by the window and just swing your feet away! If Colleen is missing, check the bathroom, stall #3.

Debbs said...

LOL :)

Muffy's Marks said...

You are too funny!!

Garden of Egan said...

You made me snort my pop on the computer screen!

Joyce said...

I see an ongoing theme developing here. You totally make my day!

diane b said...

Hey I haven't seen you in blogland for a while . Great to see yu and your funny posts back. Keep them coming. I can't believe you did a post about toilets, oops sorry bathrooms, that's a hoot.

Ming said...

Hello Colleen, just dropping by to see if all things are doing well in your neck of the woods. Missing your silly, creative posts and hoping you are doing well. -M

Dapoppins said...

who doesn't love a comfortable toilet and decent reading material!