Monday, February 4, 2013

I'm thinking...

In my opinion, Joan Crawford was wrong.

Wire hangers DO have their place.  I love my wire hangers and use them for good...not evil.  Like opening a locked car door {if the car is mine..uh huh..} and fishing out wadded up TP before the "great flood"...bending for cute paper mache animals..and hanging clothes.


We live in an old-er home..and I say old-er because it was born { built } the same time I was.  And people must not have had very many clothes then...I know I didn't....and/or they must have been shorter..again, as was I.

Take the closets...small...not deep..not shelf above the wooden rod.  Not even enough room to "re-do".

And, I'm pretty sure Joan didn't have plastic hangers, so I'm thinking she was thinking "wood" but I think I can't really say with any certainty what she was thinking..I think, don't you?

I mean, of course you "think" ..but about the wood/plastic hanger debate thingy?

Anyway, you put a few of those thick, plastic hangers or the really-nice-but-wooden ones in ..and well everything else is totally smooched.

And... I have heard that your hanging clothes need to "breathe"..although I find that rather creepy.  I can just see my nice t-shirt huffing and puffing as I put it on..ick..

So, just wanted to give a little nod to the much-maligned wire hanger.

That's all.



just call me jo said...

Everything has a purpose. If one travels and tries to hang many items on that little hook in the car, plastic hangers are useless. I like your thinking.

Karen said...

I don't hang most of my clothes so I have enough room in my closet for plastic hangers. They don't leave creases on the shoulders of my hardly-ever worn clothes.

Laurie said...

Funny, one of our favorite movie quotes! We grew up with wire hangers, I didn't like how they bent with anything of weight, but that's what we had. And always one in the car!

Linda said...

Wire is my hanger of choice. It has so many uses and one is to roast marshmallows and/or hot dogs over the fire pit on these winter evenings!

Debbs said...

I agree, it's so hard to get hold of a wire hanger these days, can only get one when you have a cheap dry clean item, even if you have the standard clean they give you a plastic one. I always ask for a wire one because there are SO many craft uses- Yey for wire:)

Pearl said...

The face on Joan Crawford still gives me the creeps ugh. I used a wire hanger to replace my antenna when kids broke the antenna on my first car, we all retrevied the keys out of the ignition when we locked them inside the car. They had a whole lot of uses.