Friday, January 17, 2014

Rum-Dum Friday..

Have you ever had just one of "those" days? Where you're awake (sort of) and lucid (sort of) but not totally aware of your surroundings? Yeah..those days. I call the them Rum-Dum days..and, yes, I know how to spell dumb..but that's the whole's dum-days..

So anyway, dreamed last night about re-arranging the furniture in our new little apartment downstairs so it was not actually like living in my mother-in-law's apartment ..making it more our own. It looked my dream..

So, I got about about 5:30 and re-arranged the furniture..(it does look better)sat for a few and had my cuppa.. did a load of clothes, made the bed,took the trash to the curb, got ready for work and packed my lunch. So far, so good, right? I'm awake and preforming tasks..

Drove with very little Friday traffic and was completely aware of my surroundings ..and realized I had driven past my turn-off and was half-way downtown.  Oops.

Parked in my usual spot.  Turned of car. Grabbed my purse and started looking frantically for my keys with the key-fob to get in the building....the same key ring that my car keys are on..that I drove to work with..that I had in my hand..are you seeing the picture?  Thought " Oh crap..I can't get into the building..what am I going to do? Wonder how long it will be before someone comes and I can go in with them?"..all the while holding them in my hand..yeah..

Can you see why I am leery of what the rest of the day holds for me? 

We'll see.  Hopefully I can stay awake until I get home tonight...if I don't pass it and end up in Las Vegas...



Emmy said...

Ew... I hate those sorts of days! I had one the other day, and almost drove off into some random residential development on my way to work. Hope the rest of your day wasn't quite so crazy!

(And I've missed you, Mrs. B! Welcome back!)

Laurie said...

I'm not fond of days like that myself Colleen! Hope it was up hill from there!

Ming said...

Ugh! Only good thing about your post is that I see I am NOT the ONLY ONE who can do this from time to time! :)

Karen said...

If it makes you feel any better, I got a call from my boss as I was walking out the door asking how long I was going to be because SHE had forgotten her key to the building. When I got there, she was already inside. "How'd you get in?" "I had the key in my purse the whole time."