Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday morning coffee....

For some, Saturday means sleeping in a little later.

And I do that sometimes after Lulu has gone out. She usually cuddles in with Randy, and I take to my "sleepy chair" in the front room and let the sunrise awaken me fully through the big picture window.

I remember when, as a single Mom to four little ones, Saturday mornings meant "Cartoon Day".
That was well before cable and cartoons that are on 24/7.

It was special. The kids really anticipated that day.

Even if I did let them stay up late on Friday nights, which was often the case (me secretly hoping maybe, just maybe they'd sleep in a little..) the early morning house was filled with the sounds of cartoons, laughter, cereal bowls and spoons clanking together.

Kids having fun. (with the occasional fighting and bickering going on as well..)

I knew they'd all be in their PJ's. All bed-heads. All warm and sweet. And when the cartoon ended, they'd get dressed and start their play-day. And me, laundry or whatever.
But cartoon-days were special. Cinnamon toast. Cold cereal with even colder milk.

On really ambitious days, I'd make powdered sugar donuts out of refrigerator biscuits.

Now, the kids are grown, with little ones of their own. And I'm not certain if the cartoons are on at their houses on Saturday mornings.

Or if the grandkids think of it as special..... I'll have to ask.

But at my house, Saturday mornings are still special.

That's when I have "Saturday coffee". All week long, we have "Randy" coffee - you know, strong and, well, plain. He takes most of the pot in one ginormous insulated mug. I have what's left with cream and sweetener.

But on Saturdays, I make "girlie" coffee -flavors like Vanilla Cream, or Butter Pecan, or Creme Brulee. And I still use the great Carmel vanilla creamer and sweetener.

Hmmmm....I may have 2 or 3 cups before Randy rises. (if he does want coffee on Saturdays, which he usually doesn't - he'll go to 7 -11 and have theirs.)

I watch a little of HGTV and "think" about how I'd like to have a garden someday. Or how I'll paint that last room...or make decorator pillows.... Then it's probably laundry (not much changes in 35 years, huh?)

Ah, but I do love my Saturday coffee. I wait all week for that, just like my kids used to wait for cartoon day..... I think I"ll start calling Saturdays "Coffee day."...

So, enjoy your coffee, cartoons and faux-powdered-sugar donuts....and have fun in the laundry..

and Happy Coffee day....



Anonymous said...

I should have known we would be kindred coffee spirits...the ONLY creamer I use is the sugar free Vanilla Caramel liquid Coffeemate and "pink packets". Maybe we really do have some connection, eh?

Have a great coffee/laundry day. Betty

The Tattered Nest said...

I am not a coffee drinker but I sure do like my Sat. sleep in a little and take my time getting moving...Is it Sunday already?