Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It's Halloween...and I'm going as a pole dancer....

...well, now that I have your attention...I'd like to make an announcement:



But like all good celebrations, we will start the season with a prayer:

My appetite is my Shepherd.
I will always want.

It maketh me sit down
and stuffeth myself.

It leadeth me in the path of Burger King for a Whopper.
It destroyeth my shape...

Yea, though I knoweth I gaineth,
I cannot stop eating. For the food tasteth so good.

Thy ice cream, thy cookies, they comfort me.
When the table is spread before me,
It exciteth me....

For I knoweth that I sooneth shall dig in...

As I fillith my plate continuously..
My clothes runeth tighter...

Surely buldges & pudgies shall follow me
All the days of my life -
And I shall be "pleasingly plumpeth" forever.


Have a Happy Halloween - now go eat all the candy that's left know you bought too much for that very reason!

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Joyce said...

Oh, Colleen! I just enjoy coming here for a "visit" so much! you always give me a smile and a giggle! and, I love your pics! thanks so much!
xoxoxo Joyce

Anonymous said...

I think you make an ADORABLE pole you got lots of candy for that act!

Fun, fun, fun prayer; I know God has a sense of humor 'cause Pugs are the proof.

Enjoy the "leftovers". Betty

Heather said...

You are so halarious! I love it! Hope you had a great night! I of course was out way too late and am really suffering tonight! See you saturday!Heather

La Dolce Vita with LeAnn said...

Sounds like a daily prayer I should be saying. Pole dancing these days huh? That's worth a few bucks!

The Tattered Nest said...

tis the season! Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years!! oh yeah then there is my hubbies birthday in Jan. and mine in Feb, plus Valentines...they all blend together...oh well. Great poem!

Pearl said...

Good one!!!!!!!!!