Monday, October 8, 2007

The “accidental” scrapbook of my life…

While looking at an old book I bought several years ago, I came across a sticky note with the name and address of the hospital my sister Gerri was in at the time.

I can’t remember the situation, but she’s had some very serious dealings the last few years.

Finding the note, I was brought back to that worrisome time. All is better now, but it does take one back. … to the phone calls, the cards sent, the worries, the prayers offered up, and finally, the relief that once again, we’ve cheated whatever had us in its grips.

My family is all too aware of these feeling with my “speed-bumps” over the years. But all is well now – thank you, Lord!

I also found 2 scratchers from a local restaurant that would have gotten me a free desert!

Whoopee! – Then I noticed the expiration date was 6 years ago…bummer… Wonder if they’d honor them? Hmmmm

I have found in books purchased at yard sales and such hand-written recipes, receipts for items purchased long ago at hardware stores and even some old greeting cards, all used as book marks of sorts.

They seem to have taken on a life of their own – trying to tell the tales of former owners.

Makes me wonder how much of myself I’ve left in books sold or traded over the years…

You can actually see my life “so far” by what I was reading at the time. Look down the book shelves and know what life-crisis I was facing at the time…and what I was trying to “fix”… (…as if….)

From my former life – my starter-marriage : “How to Make a Home Comfortable” or “How to Be a Better Wife” "Raising Good Children"

Then on to “Self-esteem for Dummies” and “Take Control” and “How to Have Happy Kids in Spite of Divorce”

Then "single life- part deux": “How to Re-enter the World of Dating” or “How to tell him you have 4 kids and a crazy ex-husband”

(OK, that last one I made up, but that pretty much sums up what I was reading to help at that time in my life.)

On to career/life changes: “How to Make Things Happen When You’re Not In Charge” or “The 50-hour Work Week – How to Survive”, “How to Analyze a P&L Statement” and “Employment Rules for Dummies”…

Then..The BIG 'C' …cancer...."The Breast Book”, “How to be Happy Though Hairless” , “Chemo – It’s Your Friend” or “ Come Join the New Club – The Mamo-Grammies!” (Yes, I made that one up too, but you get the point…)

Now, it’s reading for sheer enjoyment, “The Secret Life of Bees” , “50 Acres and a Poodle” and “Under the Same Moon” – “Marley & Me” a “Saving Gracie”….."Ireland on $50 a Day" ...

So, the next time you’re in someone’s home, take a look at their bookshelves. It can tell you a lot about “where” that person is at the time..and it might just let you know what to say to be a great friend, what to offer , how to be that ‘soft place to fall’ for them. (And you may just want to borrow one or two!)

So here's to good reading, for the trials of our lives and for us emerging stronger, better and happier for them.

G’night all and read a good story..soon....

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The Tattered Nest said...

I loved the Secret life of Bees! Sometimes I feel lost if I don't have a good book on my night stand...