Monday, October 22, 2007

Sunday at the “mart”…

Doesn’t that sound ,oh I don’t know, cosmopolitan?

Like, the fashion mart in New York? Or an open-air market in some exotic place??

Yeeaahh… This me…in Utah…uh huh.

OK, so the “mart” was Wal- coulda been "K-" or "Stein-"....

But it is a nice place to spend a quiet Sunday morning, especially if you need new socks.

Did I ever mention I LOVE new socks?

I can be having a fashion crisis, a money crisis, a life crisis, a health crisis and it can be soothed by new cotton socks.

And, to top it off, I got new T-shirts! Actually, they are called A-shirts. You know, the kind bad mechanics wear…..or rednecks??

No sleeves. However, their’s are usually dirty and ripped, while mine are a kind of camisole….yeah that’s it… a ribbed, sleeveless, cotton cami!

I wear these always. Under things. Not as a fashion statement….. just to be clear….

But since the “baseball game of life has stolen second base”…I no longer have the need for bras….

Which I remind Randy of all the time, are EXPENSIVE! Look how much money I am saving us…..

Anyway, it’s Monday morning. I am showered & coiffed. New sock AND ribbed-cotton-cami and am ready to start the week.

How about you? Enjoying the “new-socks” in the everyday of your life? It’s really wonderful…

Here’s to new socks, baseball and bad mechanics. Have a great Monday!

PS - Since this is Breast Cancer Awareness month, please do your self-checks ALL THE TIME! Don't let them steal second base .....
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