Thursday, October 25, 2007

Isn't this just the cutest thing???

No, not the chair.....

The picture of me!

JUST KIDDING...... Of COURSE it's the chair !!

Can you believe it? I have my very own Candy Bouncer!! All blue and powder coated. I can see it in front of a roadside motel. Or in our back yard while the family envies my good seat. ....ahh..I mean...chair...

OK, the motel would have to be very small. And my seat?? Well, I always wanted to be a "Barbie".....

To think I have a good friend that I've have yet to meet to thank for this. Her name is Betty. She loves animals. Which in my book of "good people", gets her an immediate free-pass.

As a matter of fact, I see her as a sort of "Cinderella" when it comes to know, when she goes out into the woods, the deer will walk up to her...the butterflies softly land on her shoulder...the racoons will clap their little paws...the skunks..

OK, enough with the visualization...

But you know, the birds-will-sing-while-flying-around-her-head sort of person.

And I know I'm right about this. She is a friend of my sister Kathy's. She's a walker. She's a Ya-Ya. And, she's my friend. And not just because of the very thoughtful gift, sent so carefully in the mail, to be opened on a rather dull sort of day. You know, typical Wednesday...

...but because she read something on this silly 'ol blog about me wanting my very own Candy Bouncer.

And she remembered that. And she saw this one she thought of me, someone she's never met, but who's bonds are growing stronger with each email sent. Each good comment or thought passed on by Kathy from her to me and visa versa. I feel like I have a 3rd. sister. And you all know how I feel about sisters....

......quite frankly, I am amazed. I can't remember what I had for breakfast this morning.....

Anyway, I thank you Betty. For your thoughtfulness. For your kindness. And for MY VERY OWN CANDY BOUNCER!!!!!!!

So, here's to good friends. Those you've already met and those whom you've yet to meet!

PS - loved the card and your address label!


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Anonymous said...

Wow, what a very kind of you. Actually, I have had birds singing as they flew around my head...wish singing was ALL they did!

My grandmother had two candy bouncers on her front porch, so I know exactly why you love them.

I have four sisters and am more than happy to count you as number five! (You can be number one if you want, but don't tell them I said so.)

Can hardly wait to meet you! Betty

Heather said...

While your picture really is darling I DO LOVE THE CHAIR! Very cute! Did you watch the game last night? Yeah that's right 13-1