Friday, October 26, 2007

Today was like a.......

...ride for me.

First - UP: walked in the cool of the morning with the pups. Leaves crunching under our 10 feet. Cool air nipping at all three noses. Hot coffee and cool water waiting for us all at home.

Then - DOWN: I could for the life of me find my wallet.
License, money, photos, medical cards - the whole shebang. Lost. Maybe forever....

Then - UP: After driving to work VERY cautiously so as not to get pulled over and have to say
"why Officer, I really do have a license to drive...but I lost it!" - I FOUND my wallet - in the passenger side of the car where I was sitting the night before after going out to dinner. It was wedged between the door and the seat.
But I found it... in the last place I looked..which if you think about it, always happens. (Why would you continue to look past the place you found it???)

Then - DOWN: A little bird, much like this one.. flew HARD into our window at work. I rushed out to see, and the poor thing was dazed.

I gently picked it up and ever so softly rubbed it's little chest. It wasn't moving. So I took my finger and sorta pressed on it's chest - you know - like they do on TV. One one-thousand, two one-thousand....
Didn't work. Tried to see if he was breathing, but it's really hard to tell on a little bird....

So I placed him on the grass in the sunshine and hoped he'd revive himself.
He didn't.

I wrapped him in some paper towel, then into a plastic baggie, then into a left-over container.

Then I sorta buried him in the trash bin. (I didn' t want the feral kitten I've been secretly feeding to think he was an appetizer....)

Then -UP: Got good new about both Robert's house and Johnny's Mother. One is safe for now from the fires. The other has taken a small walk on her own in the ICU.

Now - it's time for bed, so I think I'll say good-night and remember, on those "roller-coaster" days, things will eventually go UP...and that is, after all, what makes this ride so.....
MUCH FUN !!!!!!

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