Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Patterns of our lives...

When Heather and I went to Gardner Village after work last week, we found a little antique / vintage shop.

It was really cute inside and out. Denim jeans as a valance over the front door...old clothespins in jars...and lots and lots of fun vintage stuff inside.

I was drawn to the pattern bin. I had purchased a vintage sewing basket weeks before and thought it would look great with some patterns in it as a vignette. ( note: great decorator's word used here.....oh yeah....I've been watching HGTV....)

Then, as if by magic or serendipity, these three patterns were on the top of the pile.

No doubt from some great sewer's stash...maybe from an estate sale?

What was serendipitous about it was they were clothes the three of us Sullivan sisters could have and probably did wear.

The shirtwaist dress - that's Kathy...

The blouse, Gerri for sure.....

And I think I actually had dresses just like the third one.

The drawn models... all have hair just like ours. (like ours was - post-gray or hair color)

Again, thoughts of a simpler time and place.

When we wore dresses to school........even in high school, we were still required by the dress code to wear dresses or skirts, with the hems no shorter than the floor when kneeling.

And pants (jeans) were only allowed one week a year - Rodeo week! Oh, did we all look forward to that week. Boot and jeans. And the Rodeo...

Of course, it was Arizona.

And it was a long time ago....

Vintage-time not antique-time...

So if you're out and about and something catches your eye, look deeper to see what fun memories it evokes.

Remember the times...and then......


Happy shopping!
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