Tuesday, November 27, 2007

OK, so is 12 o'clock really late or really early??

The question haunts me still....

If it's really late, then I did really good to stay up that late...

If it's really early, then I got up way too early to shop...

I think it is both. too early. too late.

But, hey it was FUN :-)

The local radio station sponsored a Jammie Jam in the mall. The first 200 who came in their jammies got into a "special lounge" ...love that word...make me think of old movies where bad singers in blue pastel tuxes sing while snapping their fingers...

Anyway, it was a challenge. A mission. A calling. A mantra..."we must get into the lounge.." a war cry...WE MUST GET INTO THE LOUNGE!!

Thing is, only Gerri and I heard it. April tried to. She really did. And I think it might have whispered to her, because she was a good sport and came in her jammies..

But tell me there's a free catered breakfast and live music? Well the gauntlet was thrown as far as I was concerned.

So off the grand kids, a very good-natured son-in-law Chris and me and Gerri - go to the mall.

At midnight.
After turkey.
After pie.

After cards.

In our jammies.

All for luke-warm scrambled eggs, cold bacon, warm milk and hard croissants.

And, we weren't the only ones......oh no......

Thousand, maybe even gazillions of crazies..uh...I means shoppers not unlike my self....all with one thing in mind......


Even little Emily was all bright and chipper...Way to go oh Little-one-shopper-girl!

And you know what?

No blue-polyester suit..no bad singer..just a guy and a piano, some decent food, lots of fun and a night...ah...morning we'll talk about for some time.

So, do something a little "crazy" ...have some fun...take your camera.. and laugh.

We did.

And we had a blast!

Thanks, kids and grands for indulging me once more. I love you all!



The Tattered Nest said...

that sounds like so much fun! and I thought you came up with the idea to go to the mall in your jammies all by yourself!and here you were on a mission! I hope you got some shopping done too.Thanks for asking about my Mom....she is coming home on Friday. Yeah!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great time.. would love to have something like this!