Thursday, February 28, 2008

My very first grandchild will be 21.....

...not months old, but YEARS old.......

I am in shock. Where was I the past 21 years? I know we saw him many many times.

I know he stayed with Grammie & Grandpa on several occasions.

Then when did he have time to grow into a 6 foot tall, handsome, smart, courteous guy??

He and his girlfriend, Tessa, went to see my youngest daughter (and New York City) in January.

They had a great time as you can see in the photo collage...but look closer. I think he's got quite an eye for photography.

(by the way...the forks are from an Art Museum...I have done the same thing in my garbage disposal many times...and with spoons too! I am "multi-medium artist" I guess.....)

He's going to be a teacher, so to have an eye for art will certainly serve him well.

Anyway, I suppose it's just another Grandmother being proud of her grandson.

But he was my first and will always and forever remain so very special in my heart.

Enjoy this photo and I'll have pictures of the room soon. (the curtains arrived! )Now all I have to do is alter them to fit and hang some pictures and I "think" were done for a little while....oh, no.......Mr. B's got plans for a TV stand, another corner unit and an end table....he's like the Energizer Bunny....

More later..



Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your dear grandson. Wow I hate to think of Katy getting this age.

Anonymous said...

Your grandson has a wonderful eye for photography and Tessa is adorable! Betty