Saturday, February 9, 2008

Whew...I survived!

New day jitters. Like the first day at school after a long summer vacation - only this was after a short day off -

Wondering what to wear. Am I over-dressed? Will they like me. Will I have someone to eat lunch with. Not being able to sleep the night before - so being incredibly tired...then getting their long before anyone else...( I'm kind of an early-bird anyway...)

All that may seem almost childish - but I am a "long-timer" - stay at jobs for years. Sometimes longer than some marriages.

So change is unsettling. New kids to play with. New "teachers"...finding out who's in the "in crowd.......

...listening to stories in the lunchroom yet feeling like someone who's picked up the book in the middle - trying to figure the characters, the setting, the "plots"

...and they're all quite young....I think I have shoes in my closet older than most of the girls. Some could be my daughters...some could even be my grand daughters.

....while their "5 year goals" are making it up the corporate ladder, starting their families, my "5 year goal" is retirement....enjoying my family..having TIME...

....and they're all quite smart. They can type without looking at the keys...they know the shortcuts in programs I've yet to learn.

...but each one of those "challenges" has a positive side...So what if I'm older...I will think of it as WISER...

...they may know about the latest programs on the computer, but I know about life..

...the stories on the lunchroom? I could tell some that'd knock their socks off. (but I won't..part of being wiser, don't you think??)

After all, this is not ordinary Grandmother they're dealing with.

So, Colleen, pull up your granny-panties, be a big girl and show them what class, experience, humor, and a lot of "Aunt Bea and a little of Rod Stewart" is all about!

And, boy, am I glad it's Friday!!!

And, thank you Mr. B, for listening to my tales of the first day...

Have a fun week-end and let us know what you've been up to..


madrekarin said...

I can only imagine that they will love you at your new job!!
I hope you win Dawn's giveaway!! Really. I've tried the "breaking a leg" thing already this year. I don't recommend it!! haha So I will wish you luck and hope your name is pulled from the hat. :)
Have a great weekend. I will be caring for a sick daughter. Nothing like illness to make them want their mommies!!

Anonymous said...

If you don't have 100% admiration from your new co-workers already, it won't be long. They'll be hovering around you just waiting for the next great comment. You are too cute! Betty

Anonymous said...

Im so glad things started out great. I knew you would do great.. you have a sweet spirit with just enough fun,,wild about you to touch all. I think I am so much like you.those kids did ware me down is why i work with old kids now hehe.Im ready to see you all dressed uo one morning.I bet you are beautiful.

Pen Pen said...

Well, the first day is the most difficult! You've gotten beyond that already. Those girls will LOVE you when they get to know you. I love you by just reading your blog and would love to spend every day with you at work! Those girls are lucky!

Anonymous said...

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