Saturday, February 16, 2008

It does start out simple enough....

...sitting on an all too-uncomfortable couch. One purchased at a yard sale a few years ago...

"I sure wish we could find comfortable funtiture..." says one..

"Yeah, that'd be great...then we could have comfortable seating at Thanks-mas.." says the other...

And the chaos begins.........

Let's go & LOOK at furniture, OK?

Sure....but just look, ok??
Sure. OK.

Well, 3 hours, a sofa, a love seat, a rocking recliner, 2 French country end tables and and a bunch of money later, as we were home sitting on our all too un-comfortable couch (they can't deliver the new stuff until next week) looking at the sad white walls, one says, "maybe we should paint..."

"OK", says the other...we can find some really pretty colors..maybe have an accent wall?"

"What about a bead board know..that'll match the lovely buttermilk end-tables we got? And a beautiful floating shelf the entire length of the wall..."

"Sounds great!"

And.... while were at window seat, new bookcases, new drapes, new artwork...oh..and don't forget lighting! We need lamps, up-lighting...throw pillows in contrasting colors..baskets to put beneath the window seat, window seat cushion, a throw for the sofa...primer, paint, glaze, rollers, brushes, caulk, putty, nails, a compressor, a nail gun wait I have those......screws, bolts, washers, lumber, drop cloths, "volunteer" painters (the newlyweds) sandwiches brought in, diet cokes bought..WHEW!!!!!!!!!!

...........Oh, and don't forget the groomer for the pups at 3pm!

And so it begins. A small thing..just the wish for a comfortable seat...and a major re-model is begun.

Watch for updates and photos and tired blogs. And wish us well. We've survived quite a few re-models before and we'll get through this one too.

Stay tuned..........and don't the pups look cute..????



Anonymous said...

WHERE do you and Mr. B get your must have some secret you could share with the rest of us! I'm so excited for you, Mr. B, the pups....can hardly wait to see the progress. You sound so happy! Love, Betty


Don't you just love how it snowballs so quickly? oh well,you will be so happy when you are finished...don't work to hard!

Anonymous said...

Girl I wish the voice I talked to agreed like yours! Can't wait to see it.

Pen Pen said...

Yes, one thing does lead to another... and another... and another. I'm sure it will be worth it all! The pups look so cute and your picture makes me realize just how much my Butterbean needs to visit the groomer!