Friday, August 17, 2007

Who might YOU be???

While getting ready to work a convention a few years ago, some of the ladies on the web board that I was monitoring started calling me “Ms. Webby”. That was nice. Kinda cute.

When they found out I would be at the convention, some wanted to be sure to meet me and put a face to the mysterious Ms. Webby.

One asked, “How will I know you??”

Hmmm........... Got me thinking........ How do I describe myself ??

I looked in the mirror and it was like”DUH!”

If Aunt Bea (from the Andy Griffith know "Aint Be" ) and Rod Stewart had a “love child” - I would be it. Or her.

I told the ladies this and not to my surprise, they found me easily at the convention. Among 4,000 other women!

Hmmm…....... So, for any of you who are reading my blog, think about who ‘s love child you would be based on looks and personality.

Might surprise you…! Leave it in your comments. I’d love to “Meet” you too! Oh, by the my beautiful Grand daughter, Alyssa :-)
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The Tattered Nest said...

to funny!you crack me up! you are a cutie! I am stumped as to who's love child I would look like......hmmmm

Brandi said...

I'd definetly be Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley's love child ;).