Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Best man?? Best Dog???

Wait a minute!!! ……………..

What’s that I hear???????..................right now, this moment in time, EVERY child of mine is happy!


That may not seem like a biggie for anyone but me, however, with 4 children and the usual melodramas in everyone’s life, it’s kinda neat to have all of them safe, healthy and with the people they love and who love them back.

Good grand kids. No, make that great grand kids. (hmmm.... I may be a bit biased here….)

Really, what more could a Mom ask for?

OK, besides being able to cross my legs in the summer………

The past few months have been worrisome.

Andy, my biker son, who, for the first 7 years of his life was known around the neighborhood as “DammitAndy!!” was in a bad crash and I learned what "that" phone call in the late hours of the night felt like.

Totaled his bike.

Almost totaled his body.

But he’s here, and has a brand. new. Harley-Davidson …DammitAndy!

Brandi’s city of Newark was rattled with senseless killings in, of all places, a school yard. But she’s in a good neighborhood, is careful and alert and has family in the Newark Police Force that watches over and loves her little family.

God has always watched over her – even in the most perilous of times.

Like, traveling ALONE all over Europe, speaking not one word of a foreign language. Barely speaking English……

OK- that last part’s not true – but it WAS funny!

Ahhh........I crack me up!

April graduated from college, after a 20 year hiatus to raise a family, work sometimes 3 jobs, have a SURPRISE baby in the middle of all of this (Hi Emily, sweetie!) and STILL graduated Summa Cum Laude.

I don’t even know what that means, but I’ll bet it’s REALLY good….

And Jeff. .....Ah Jeff.

We thought he was destined to stay a bachelor all of his life.

Dax the Pug and Jeff.

Jeff-n-Dax. Dax-n-Jeff. That was that.

Even though I asked the Heavens above every night when the pups and I say “goodnight to the night”, …and good night to the moon, the stars, and the neighbor chickens, Chicker and Ophelia, (anything, oh anything to have them out there long enough to go potty!) ) to help him find someone who he could be himself with, who would appreciate this kindness and WEIRD sense of humor, I thought it might never happen.

And just when I thought I would have to try to make him believe it was OK.. no, make that even good.. to be alone.. up pops Rachael.

Perfect, “gets-Jeff”, likes Dax, pretty, kind Rachael.

And, we’re planning a wedding in the mountains. Lalala.

Could Dax be the “Best Man”? In a tux??

So right now, all I hear is HAPPY.

Happy. happy, happy, happy happy. happy!

It sounds terrific!

Have you heard it lately?

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