Monday, August 13, 2007

Oh Dear!! ! ! ! !

I think Lulu may need glasses.
She may be getting to that age where her eyes don’t see things as clearly as they should. If you have been reading my posts, you know I
have the same problem; I, however, only need to wear my glasses when I want to see.

Like this morning. I did finally wear my glasses on our morning walk and really did see things clearly. Kinda neat actually.

But not so Lulu. She spotted something moving down the street, in the wind, and went into her crazy-attack-dog-killer mode. Pulled the harness and almost pulled me down with it! (a not easy feat since she weighs 11 lbs. and I weigh, well......., more than that…)

When we finally reached the elusive prey, we discovered it was an errant brown “poopie-bag” from the park that been caught up in the breeze.

Lulu sniffed it. Looked up at me as if to say “OK, well, never mind” and walked off.....

Reminds me of the time, one of those late-night-potty-breaks, not wanting to switch on the light, washing my hands only to discover what I “saw” as a 3-lb. spider that told me in no uncertain terms I had but “10 seconds to get out” and leave him alone.

Well, remember, this is the middle of the night. I am terrified of bugs…don’t want to wake anyone up…DO NOT SCREAM! .. be brave…be strong….Ewwww….! ! ! ! !

So I took off my flip-flop of a slipper and proceeded to beat the living crap out of the unfriendly invader – only to have dear hubby switch on the light and say…

“Congratulations. You just killed the chip in the sink”

Well. it looked like a spider to me...Nevermind.

Gotta remember those glasses
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