Saturday, August 4, 2007

Friends for always...

It's a warm, still and humid night after yesterday's rains. The air so thick , so still it almost takes what breath you have away. Suffocating. And yet, a lot of people were out in their yards, talking with family or neighbors. Any time away from the sweltering sun we've been having is a break.

While walking, we spotted a cat, lying on it's side. Dead. Must have been there for a few days. Why has no one seen it? Reported it? Have it taken away , at least not be unceremoniously "there" for all to see?

The death of an animal is sad. I heard from a good friend that she had lost her dear Lab of only 2 years to pneumonia. Both she and her husband were devastated. My heart goes out to them.

I know the feeling all too well. The photo is of MaryKate and Charlie, two of my best friends who died within months of each other. Charlie, before his 'time' to cancer - and MaryKate , although estimated to be around 17 years old, I believe died of a broken heart - missing Charlie. We almost died of broken hearts as well. Never have we experience such hurt and grief than at the loss of these little dogs. Charlie & MaryKate.

Thank you.

You see, we owe them a debt of gratitude for opening our hearts to them in a way that made Randy and I even closer. Open to the pleasure of cuddling in bed on a Sunday morning with 2 little furballs giving us love and attention. Open to worrying about someone, something in our lives besides ourselves and our problems. Open to the pain and but also open hope.

We were certain we couldn't ,wouldn't, open our hearts again after our loss. However, Charlie and MaryKate were not finished with us. They set in us the hope for unconditional love we received from them. Some people thought is was "noble" of us to adopt 2 more abused and lonely pets into our home - but it was the other way around. It was noble of them to allow us in their lives.

So now we have Braxton and Lulu - 2 of the fun-est, best people-trainers I have ever met! We sometimes think Charlie is right here beside them, coaching and egging them on. We certain of it. And MaryKate, with her regal wisdom and her strength against all odds.

Yes, they will be with us forever - friends for always.
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Brandi said...

I miss Charlie so much. He was truly "one of a kind". I have alot of great memories with him. His loss still makes me sad, especially since I never got to say goodbye. MK I wasn't very close to, but that Charlie really stole my heart. I miss him as much as I miss Sam, our cat. In my life so far, no other 2 animals besides Sam and Charlie have ever captured my heart and soul like they did. Allthough I don't think of them everyday, I do still think about them ALOT :)