Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Kindergarten Cowboy....

My brother. My big brother. My hero. Oldest in the family. Patriarch of the Sullivan clan. Student. Marine. Bull rider. Agriculture Extension Agent. Husband. Father. Professor. Traveler. Grandfather............

Kindergarten teacher....


Yep, that's my big brother.

Surprised? Yes. No. Well, maybe.

He's the greatest. In everything he has done. Why should I not be certain he's the greatest kindergarten teacher?

Was it his first day, when he told 15 teeny-tiny 5-year olds to "line up" and they stared blankly at him. Line up? Uh, what's that??

Or maybe his first time having "cafeteria duty".

"Do you know 5-year olds can't open ketchup packets??"

Well. .... umm... yes..

"Do you know by the time I opened all the ketchup packets, I had only 8 minutes to eat MY lunch??"

Well, ummmm, OK.........

"I leave at 6:30 in the morning, come home at 4 o'clock and just fall in to the chair....."


Then he said he "hoped they hired a full time kindergarten teacher soon. The sooner, the better ....... for the kids sake......before they become too attached...."

Uh huh. Right.

"Before I become too attached."

Yep, that's my brother. My big brother. My hero......

Kindergarten Cowboy..
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madrekarin said...

Your brother is truly a hero! It doesn't take long to become attached to all of those sweet little faces, as he has discovered. He is going to find out just how big his heart really is!