Friday, August 3, 2007

Rain, Rain, come & stay!!!

It’s a rainy Friday here in Utah, and while some folks are having great difficulties with the rain, we here in Sandy really need it.

I have always been particularly drawn to rainy days. I like the contrast of the dark, brooding skies to the bright, almost neon greens of the trees and grasses.

Contrast. Yes, that’s it. It’s the contrast that sharpens my vision and allows me to see what is already there.

When an artist paints, it’s the contrast and the ability to translate the shadows and highlights that make a painting beckon to you. To bring you in. To allow you to see yourself in the painting. In that place of perfection and peace. A place to linger a little longer.

It’s rather like that in photography too. To have the ability to forever save that particular moment it time – priceless.

Enjoy your weather today. And grab that camera and forever hold this day in your memories.

Rain, rain, come and stay. Let me be thankful for another day!
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