Monday, August 6, 2007

Dryer delights. And other unexpected pleasures…

Oh I love doing laundry!

Hmmm, to be honest, not always. But I LOVE it when I find money in the dryer. Yes, money.

And not the loose change kind one usually finds in the washer clanking around in the spin cycle.
I like the paper kind. The kind that gets all washed and dried to a new crispness. I actually look around and I grin and put it in my pocket. A guilty pleasure. Free money!

Well, not really free. I suppose even though it wasn’t mine at the time ( I never, repeat NEVER have any money left over to put in my pockets..) I guess I could say that it really is mine. I mean, we both work and we both earn.

But ,oh the joy of finding that paper money in the dryer! If my husband is reading this blog, which I have heard he does occasionally, he’d realize how leaving paper money in his pockets makes me sooo happy. Maybe he’d leave even MORE?! (Note to Randy: I do like the ones with other presidents besides Mr.Wooden-teeth-cherry-pie Washington)

So, it’s Monday morning and I did laundry yesterday and I am now $3.00 richer! Oh, yeah, and 3 pennies, one nickel, and 3 loose screws from the washer too. Boy, they were noisy! Glad the washer & dryer are in my Mother-in-laws part of the house……
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Brandi said...

Ohhhh money is good! Gives new meaning to the term "laundered money".