Thursday, August 23, 2007

The sounds of summer...

I love sounds. I think sounds can transport you to places you've really never even been.

Like down south. The deep south. Southern beauty. Southern states.

Sweet home Alabama....where the skies are lalalala...

Where am I going with all of this?

Well, I have wanted a screen door for the back of the house for some time now.

Not the nice kind that can presto-change-o into a winter-proof-double-insulated- storm door with the flip of a thing-a-ma-jig...

No. Not that kind.

Not the kind with the air-swishy-do-not-slam-thingy either.

I want one that bangs.

Just wood and screen. Metal screen. On hinges. With one of those hook-eye locks. You know what I mean... where you can hear when the kids run out... or a neighbor drops by for coffee? Or some sweeeet tea?

The kind every southern-based movie I ever saw had - to the porch - or at least a wide set of stairs to sit on.

Sunday night. The dishes were done. You can still smell dinner and pie...

Hearing the bugs, whatever kind they have in the south that make noise. And light up!!

But not ickybugs. (you can tell I was raised in Arizona- where the bugs are definitely NOT cute or lit )

And rain birds. Not a "timed" sprinkler system that goes on even when you have a deluge of rain.

The kind that make that sound....chchchchcchhch shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... chchchchcchhch shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

The clanging of home-made wind-chimes. The ones made out of metal bowls, metal cups and forks and spoons, all clanging in the breeze.

Those are the sounds of summer in my mind. And I really don't know where that came from, other than the movies. Or in books I read.

While we may have had a screen door like that in Arizona, it surely wouldn't have been banging open and shut in 110 degree heat with the cooler on!

And we never watered the desert. Not once.

Not to mention bugs that could really do some damage if they ever bit you.


Anyway, is it the romanticized notion of "blissful " summer days that my mind goes to?

It must be.

Although I have not had bad summers, I just haven't yet had the one with my bangin' screen door or my rain-bird.

Not yet, anyway.

But there's always NEXT summer!

Here's wishing you bangin' doors and blissful summer sounds!
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