Monday, August 20, 2007

Brian and Kobe

What a great looking grandson, doncha think?

And Kobe. The pup. He's a sweetie.

Seems like just a few years ago, Brian was toddling around with bunny ears on at Easter. Now he's a grown man, in his second year of college and living in a new state!

Well, the state's not new - it's Arizona ...

But miles further then when he was living in the Denver area. I miss him. Even though I only got to see him occasionally, he was only a day's ride away. Now it seems sooo much further.

But, or however, you wanna know the best part? Or is it the worst part? He's staying with my sister while he goes to school and is helping her with the horses and dogs. Great huh.

Nice kid.

Nice sister.

But now I'm envious of the time she gets to see him. She gets to see him almost everyday.

Lucky her.

I am happy for the help he'll be able to offer her and I am happy for the guidance and friendship she'll give to him.

She's tough. He's tender.

Together, they'll get a lot accomplished.

I couldn't have asked for a better arrangement for two people so precious to me. One Aunt. One Nephew. Two dogs. Four horses. One "ranch-ette".

One great family.
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